John Elway rookie cards have always been popular with Denver Broncos fans.  Most sports card collectors have appreciated John Elway football cards over his amazing career. Like many of the greatest Hall of Famers of all-time, Elway was clutch under pressure.  Some of his best football cards are much undervalued and make outstanding investments. The key to investing in John Elway cards is to know which cards are the best to buy and what to watch out for before making a purchase.  Here is a list of some of the best John Elway cards of all-time.

1984 Topps John Elway Rookie Card

The Topps rookie card is one of the most well know football John Elway Rookie Card Valuecards in the hobby.  Elway came into the league in 1983, which ended up being one of the greatest drafts in NFL history.  Currently a John Elway rookie is worth anywhere from $25 to $1,000 depending on the condition the card is in. Cards in off grade condition with bad corners or bad centering that are un-graded sell for around $25.  Cards that are well centered and grade in Gem MT 10 condition sell for $900-$1,000.

There are many counterfeit John Elway rookie cards that are floating around in the hobby.  Many of the fake Elway rookie cards have pixilated images and different card stock. In most cases the counterfeit cards are half the thickness of the original cards.  Hundreds of fake John Elway rookie cards are submitted to GMA Grading every year.

1982 Oneonta Yankees John Elway Rookie 

This is another great John Elway rookie card. These cards are very rare and are worth a lot of money in premium condition.  This minor league baseball card shows Elway in his Yankees baseball uniform.   Many of these baseball cards have centering issues which can dramatically decrease the value.   These cards are currently selling for $100 in Nm-MT condition while Gem MT 10 versions are selling for over $1,500.

Investing in John Elway cards and autographed memorabilia can be a smart investment for collector.  The key is to know what you’re buying before you make any purchase.  Counterfeiters have made a lot of money duping collectors.  Investors should proceed with caution.

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