Joe Mauer rookie cards are gaining steam. With Mauer winning last years MVP award collectors have been looking for some of his better rookie cards to buy. Joe Mauer rookie cards are very affordable in today’s market and there is no doubt he is the best hitting catcher in the major leagues. His cards are great investments due to there reasonable prices. The only Joe Mauer Rookie Carddraw backs to buying Joe Mauer rookie cards is the position that he plays. Catcher take a lot of hits on there body and the physical wear that Joe must endure every game will take its toll. Joe has an amazing workout regimen which keeps him at the top of his game but many of the greatest catchers of all-time had there careers cut short do to injuries.

Best Joe Mauer Rookie Cards

There are many different Joe Mauer rookie cards on the market but his best rookie cards or baseball cards for that matter are his 2002 Bowman’s best rookie card, 2002 Bowman Chrome rookie autograph refractor card.  These cards sell for over a $1000 dollars and are hard to find do to their low print runs.  Joe Mauer has other cards that are very popular with collectors and are much more affordable as well.  The 2002 Topps Joe Mauer rookie card and the 2002 Upper Deck USA rookie card are becoming more and more popular every day.

Value of Joe Mauer Rookie Cards

As Joe Mauer cards go up in value it becomes harder and harder to determine what they are really worth.  One of the best ways to keep track of Joe Mauer rookie cards is to pay attention to online auctions sites like ebay and Yahoo.  Check the latest listings and completed auctions.  This will give you a great deal of information on what these cards are selling for.  Joe Mauer rookie cards are sure to continue to go up just make sure that you are wise to the fact of what position he plays and how that can affect his health.

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