The 1986 Topps Jerry Rice rookie card is one of the greatest football cards in this century.  Jerry Rice rookie cards are extremly popular collectibles.  With Jerry Rice’s induction into the Hall of Fame, these cards have become some of the most sought after rookies in the industry.  Jerry Rice will be remembered as one of the greatest football players of all-time.  He reminds many of the great Walter Payton and Jim Brown.  His amazing work ethic and big game performances are second to none. Jerry played with two of the greatest NFL quarterbacks of all-time, Joe Montana and Steve Young.  His former coach, Bill Walsh, said “He is the greatest player I have ever coached!”

Much like a Joe Montana rookie card,  this card is a part of 49ers history.  Their are a few other great Jerry Rice football cards that are also great investments that not too many people talk about.  Here is a list of some of the best Jerry Rice football cards to buy.

Greatest Jerry Rice Football Cards of All-Time

Jerry Rice rookie card Topps

1986 Topps Jerry Rice Rookie Card

This is the best Jerry Rice rookie card because it is the only Jerry Rice rookie card.  These are some of the most condition sensitive cards in the 80’s.  The green borders make bad corners and chipping prevalent.   Centering was also a major problem as many of these Topps cards were mis-cut straight from the factory.  A Mint 9 Jerry Rice rookie is worth about $200 while a Gem MT 10 is worth a few thousand dollars.

1991 Upper Deck Joe Montana / Jerry Rice Dual Autograph card

This epic autographed card is signed by both Hall of Famers.  This card can be purchased for about $200 and might be just as good as an investment as the Jerry Rice rookie card. Having two Hall of Fame autographs on one card make it an incredible investment piece.

1987 Topps Jerry Rice Football Card

This is the second year card which is great for collectors that feel the rookie card is too expensive or over priced.  If you can find these cards in Gem Mint 10 condition you can expect to pay about $100-$125 for it.

Jerry Rice Autographs

Jerry Rice autograph cards are also outstanding collectibles.  These football cards sell anywhere from $50-$300 depending on the grade they receive and the scarcity of the card.  Finding autographed cards in tip-top condition is no an easy task.

Jerry Rice Cards on Ebay

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