When it comes to basketball cards there is nothing hotter than Jeremy Lin rookie cards.  The young Knicks superstar has taken New York by storm.  Linsanity has taken over the NBA and Jeremy’s rookie cards are flying off of Ebay at record setting numbers.  Some collectors are staying away from Jeremy Lin rookie cards expecting the bubble to pop on the Knicks star but prices have continued to go up in the past week.  This is partially due to the fact the Lin has continued to play like an jeremy-lin-rookie-cardAll-Star and is attracting international investors as well as playing in one of the largest NBA markets. The value of Jeremy Lin rookie cards are very hard top determined because of the rapid change in values over such a short period of time.  If you are in the market for a Jeremy Lin rookie card we will review the most popular of his cards selling online.

2010 National Treasures Prime Patch

These great cards are rookie cards are all hand signed by Lin and numbered to only 25. Each card also comes with an authentic game used jersey swatch which makes them unique memorabilia cards as well.  Some of these rare gems have sold on Ebay for over $10,000 in recent auctions but buyers should beware of over paying for these great cards.

2010 Contenders Rookie Ticket Jeremy Lin

Much like the National Treasures rookie, only 25 of these great basketball cards exist.  All of these Jeremy Lin rookies are hand signed and also come with an embedded game used jersey worn buying him during a game.  These cards have sold for $2,000 over the past week and should also only be purchased at the right price.

2010 Prestige 

Panini did a great job making a few variations of the Jeremy Lin rookie in their 2010 product.  Lin has a numbered Draft Picks Right card with a print run of 999.  There are also 2 base cards which are much more affordable than the other cards we have already discussed.  Autograph versions numbered to only 99 have been selling for $500-$700 on Ebay and have become collector’s favorites. The regular issued cards out of Prestige have been selling briskly at $20-$25.

2010 Rookies & Stars 

Another great Jeremy Lin rookie is his 2010 Rookies & Stars card.  Panini included a few variations to this card in the 2010 set including a numbered autograph card selling for $300.  Base cards in the set are selling in the $20-$25 range much like the Prestige rookie cards.

2010 Rookie Art cards

Jeremy Lin art cards have been some of the hottest cards in the hobby.  Some of these unique canvas cards are selling in the $50-$60 range.  Many of these cards are limited edition prints with very low print runs.  You can expect most of these cards to dry up pretty fast as only a limited amount have been produced.

Jeremy Lin basketball cards and autographed memorabilia have become some of the hottest items in the hobby in a very long time.  The publicity the young Knicks star is getting is helping catapult his cards to outrageous levels that have not been seen since Shaquille O’Neal entered into the league.  Buyers should proceed with caution when buying his rookie cards and should do their very best not to over pay for Jeremy Lin rookie cards.

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