The 2007 Jason Heyward rookie card has become one of the most coveted cards by most collectors.  There is no doubt that Heyward has amazing ability and unlimited potential.  The young Braves prospect has investors looking for almost any Jason Heyward Rookie Cardrookie card of his that they can get there hands on.  Some of the more popular Jason Heyward rookie cards are autographed, which make them even more valuable.  Here are some of the best Jason Heyward rookie cards to date.

2007 Bowman Jason Heyward Rookie Card

This white bordered card is one of the more affordable Jason Heyward rookie cards that you can purchase.  The card currently sells for about $10 if ungraded.

2007 Bowman Chrome Jason Heyward Rookie Card

The 2007 Bowman chrome Jason Heyward rookie card is probably his most popular card.  The card looks much like the regular Bowman card but also has many variations that have been produced like the Refractors and colored Refractors.  There is also an autographed variation thats sells for over $200.

2007 Bowman Sterling Jason Heyward Rookie Card

The Bowman Sterling rookie card is autographed and one of the nicest looking Jason Heyward rookie cards produced.  The cards is also one of the scarcer cards that have been produced to date that features the young Braves superstar.

2006 Topps Aflac Jason Heyward Rookie Card

This is the best Jason Heyward rookie card to buy if you can afford it.  This is one of the most expensive versions of any of the Heyward’s rookies that we have previously discussed.  This autographed gem sells for about $500

There is not much doubt that Jason is going to be the man to beat for this years rookie of the year award.  He has enormous potential and should be in everyone’s list of some of the best baseball cards to own.  His power and speed make him one of the best young talents to hit the field in a long time.  Other than the Stephen Strasburg rookie card, Jason Heyward rookie cards are the most coveted cards in today’s market.

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