One of the main questions that people ask is how to determine baseball card values.  There are many ways that you can determine how much it baseball card is worth.  There are a few factors that must be considered before you can determine an accurate amount of what a baseball cards value really is.  If you are new to the baseball card or sports card industry you need to understand a baseball cards value is based on the player itself and the condition the actual card is in.  You can find free baseball card values online.  A card in perfect condition is valued at a much higher price than one that is in poor condition.  One of the best ways to determine the condition of the baseball card is to have the baseball card professionally graded by a third party sports card authentication company.  GMA grading is one of those companies.  GMA grading is the most affordable grading card company in the United States.  This is not an opinion this is based on the actual prices that we charge compared to our competitors.  Once a baseball card is graded you can move onto the next step to help you determine the value of that individual sports card.  This way when making a comparison you will be able to compare the baseball card with one an equal condition.  Below we will discuss some of the places that will give you accurate information on almost every baseball value that you are looking for.

Using Auction Sites to Help you Determine the Value of Baseball Cards

Auction sites can be very valuable in helping you determine what the baseball card is currently selling for or what has sold for in the past few weeks.  There are many auction sites like eBay as well as Yahoo auctions that will give you completed auctions of items that you are inquiring about.  This can be very helpful in determining the value of a baseball card because it is the most up-to-date information that one can acquire.

Baseball Card Price Guides

Baseball card Price guides are another way that you can determine how much a baseball card is valued.  Baseball card Price guides are very affordable and can be found at your local bookstore or you can subscribe to some of the most common Price guides online.  one of the main problem with using a price guide to determine the value of the baseball card is that the information is a little outdated compared to online auction sites.  This can cause a major discrepancy between a card of a player that is extremely hot or of a player that has been recently injured or hurt.  This is something you need to consider when using a price guide.

Baseball Card Shows

Baseball card shows are a great way to help you determine what the going market of an individual baseball card is.  At a local or national convention you can go from table to table and look for the individual card that you are looking to price.  If the dealer is willing to sell the card for a certain price then you should do yourself the due diligence and ask if you other dealers.  This should give you an accurate value of what the card is currently being sold for on the open market.  It really doesn’t matter what a price guide says what really matters is what someone is willing to sell a baseball card for.  A price guide is just that a guide to help you determine what a baseball cards value is but it is not their to set the market price.  It’s actually the opposite.  A price guide gets its information and prices from other auction sites and baseball card dealers that help them determine what the going rate for baseball cards are.  They take that quantitative information and print it in their price guide.  You can save yourself the time and money by using auction sites as well as card shows to give you a more accurate number.

Baseball Cards have a Price Range

Pricing baseball cards can be very time consuming and can be very tedious if you don’t know what you’re doing.  When trying to figure out baseball card prices you should not look for one number but for a range of what a card is being sold for.  A good example would be a 1989 Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card has a range of being worth $35-$50 and mint condition.even though the range does not give you the exact number you are looking for this can help you in determining how much someone is willing to pay for or be willing to sell a given baseball cards for.

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