Here is a list of the some of the hottest sports cards in September. This list is compromised of recent auction sales as well as quantity of recent submission to GMA Grading.

Hot Baseball Cards for September

  1. Matt Moore Rookie Cards- ALL
  2. Stephen Strasburg Rookie Cards – 2010 Bowman Chrome rookie card, 2010 Bowman rookie card
  3. Jesus Montero Rookie Cards- 2008 Bowman, 2008 Bowman Chrome
  4. Justin Verlander Rookie Cards- 2005 Bowman rookie card, 2005 Bowman Chrome rookie
  5. Roy Halladay Rookie Cards- 1997 Bowman Chrome

Future Watch

Matt Moore Rookie Cards- 2009 Bowman Chrome, 2010 Donruss Elite

Hot Football Cards

  1. Tom Brady Rookie Cards- 2000 Bowman rookie, 2000 SP Authentic, all the rest
  2. Aaron Rodgers Rookie Cards- 2005 Playoff Contenders RC Ticket, 2005 Topps
  3. Michael Vick Rookie Cards- 2001 Bowman, 2001 Topps
  4. Matthew Stafford Rookie Cards- All

Hot Basketball Cards

  1. Blake Griffin Rookie Cards
  2. John Walll Rookie cards

Hot Hockey Cards

  1. John Tavares Rookie Cards
  2. Steven Stamkos Rookie Cards

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