Finding Baseball Card Values is not as easy as it sometimes seems.  There are many different ways to find out the value of a baseball card collection. There are many price guides and periodicals to help you pin point what lets say a topps baseball card values are or old baseball card values are.  We believe that the most accurate and up to date information is on the internet.  Ebay as well as other auctions houses offer great information on what baseball cards have recently sold for.  No books or site will give you an exact value due to the fact that something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it on the open market. Determining Baseball Card Values is not an exact science.  Some auction sites like ebay will let you see the results for the past 30 days of auctions that have ended.  This can give you a very good idea of the value of any baseball card or sports card you are looking for.

Where to find Free Baseball Card Values

If you dont want to pay for a Tuff Stuff magazine or other periodical you can sometimes call your local card store to find out the price of what they are selling the same card for.  Again this will give you a range of what people are selling the card for on the open market.  Another great place is a local baseball card show.  You can go to the show and see what a few dealers are trying to get for the same cards that you own.  If you ask enough people you will get a good idea of what your cards are worth.  Knowing Baseball card values are very important to know before you begin buying and selling your cards or adding to your personal collection.

Here is an example of how to find out what the value is for a Derek Jeter 1993 SP rookie.  First go to ebay and in the search bar type in the term Derek Jeter SP rookie.  The results that come back should look something like the list shown below.

If you browse through these result pages you can see what the cards are currently selling for as well as what you can buy them for right now.  These are live auctions.  You can also go to ebay and type in any of the other sports cards you are trying to determine the vale of.

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