Almost every Evan Longoria rookie card has gone up in value in past year. Longoria has become the face of the Tampa Bay Rays and one of the best young prospects in baseball. Evan has 40 HR potential and has a gold glove in his trophy case. Some of the best Evan Longoria rookie cards or baseball cards are expensive so we have a developed a list of some of the more affordable rookie cards that he has. If Evan can lead the Rays back to the World Series expect his cards to continue to go up in value as collectors buy them up.

2006 Bowman Chrome Evan Longoria Rookie Card

 This is one of the best Evan Longoria rookie cards that you can buy.  This is one of his first cards produced and has a few variations that are hard to find.  Some of these variations include Refractors, evan-longoria-rookie-cardGold Refractors, Autographed Refractors ans Xfractors.  A Gold Refractor recently sold for $1200 in a recent ebay auction.

2006 Bowman Sterling Autograph Evan Longoria Rookie Card

This is one of Evan’s nicest looking rookie cards and also one of his most valuable cards.  These cards are individually numbered to 199 and all are hand signed.  Expect to pay a few hundred dollars for one of these cards in Mint 9 or better condition.

2007 Bowman Chrome Draft Evan Longoria Rookie Card

This is one of the more affordable Evan Longoria rookie cards that exist.  You can purchase one of these RC cards for $5-$10 depending on the condition.  Even though its not the most expensive Evan Longoria rookie card it is still a great investment when you consider the price.

Evan has a few other rookie cards that you may want to consider purchasing as the will all go up as long as his statistics remain consistent.  Some of the best long term investments for Evan Longoria rookie cards or baseball cards for that matter are his autographed RC’s.  These cards will cost you a little more but your money will be well spent if you decide to go that route.

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