Dirk Nowitzki rookie cards are on the rise now that he has taken the Mavericks back to the NBA finals.  There are many different Dirk Nowitzki rookies that are very valuable.  Some of his best cards are much undervalued and Mavericks superstar is just starting to get the attention he deserves.  Here is a list dirk-nowitzki-rookieof some of the best Dirk Nowitzki basketball cards with up to date information on their current values.  Some of most expensive Dirk Nowitki cards are individually numbered.  In most cases the harder the card is to find the more it’s worth.

1998 SP Authentic Dirk Nowitzki Rookie Card

The SP Authentic rookie is numbered to 3,500 cards.  These basketball cards are not easy to find and are much harder to find in premium condition.  Cards in Gem MT 10 condition sell for $250.  Cards in NM-MT 8 condition bring $50.

1998 Topps Chrome 

The Topps Chrome rookie is one of his most popular cards.  Most of these basketball cards are very hard to find well centered.  Topps included refractors that are much harder to find than the base cards but are also more valuable. Refractors are also very hard to find centered.  Refractors in Gem MT 10 condition sell for around $300 and regular cards in Gem NT 10 condition sell for $200.  Ungraded cards and be found on Ebay selling for around $20-$25.  These basketball cards make great investments.

1998 Finest 

Some of the most popular Dirk Nowitzki RC cards is the Topps Finest.  These cards are very hard to find well centered much like the Topps Chrome.  Refractors are also very popular with collectors and are just as hard to find with good centering.  The base card found in Gem MT 10 condition normally sells for $50-$65 while refractors in the same condition are selling for $100.

If the Dallas Mavericks can win another championship, Dirk Nowitzki rookie cards will be in the spotlight.  These cards make great investments as long as they are in premium condition.  Investors should pay close attention to corners and centering before they make any purchase.