If you have been looking to buy a David Price rookie card their is not better time than now.  David has become one of the pitchers in the major leagues and might possibly win his first Cy Young award this season.  David Price rookie cards are still very affordable which make them great investments for collectors.  The only problem is, how long will the prices stay at David Price Rookie Cardthese levels.  With Price getting the attention that he deserves we can expect his rookie cards to start to rise in value right away.  Here are some of the best David Price rookie cards to buy.  This list includes the most expensive David Price baseball cards to date.

2007 Bowman Chrome David Price rookie card

Their are a few different versions of these rookie cards.  These cards include different colored variations which are all individually numbered.  Refractors and autographed cards were also randomly inserted into the 2008 Bowman Chrome wax packs.  You can find the autographed David Price rookie card for about $75 and the regular issued base card for  about $10 per card.

2007 Bowman Sterling David Price Autograph rookie card

These autograph refractors are numbered to only 199 cards.  They are currently being sold for around $150.  Most of these cards are in Mint condition or better due the quality of it paper stock.  These cards are great investments.

2007 Donruss Elite Status David Price Autograph Rookie

The red version of these cards have been numbered to only 50 autographed card in production.  These rare baseball cards are some of the scarcest David Price rookie cards in today’s hobby.  Their are many different variations in the 2007 Donruss Elite set which depict David Price in his college uniform.

Evan Longoria rookie cards have shown that even though the Rays do not have the fan base that the Yankees or the Red Sox do they can still be popular with collectors.  If David Price can lead the Rays back to the World Series and can win his first Cy Young award expect all of his rookie cards to get the attention the deserve and possibly double in price.

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