Danica Patrick rookie cards and collectibles have taken Nascar by storm.  This amazing young lady has had some of her collectibles sell for thousands of dollars on online auctions sites like Ebay.  Danica’s extreme popularity has card manufacturers as well as collectors taking notice.  Much like Tiger Woods has been the King of the gold world Danica is quickly becoming the queen of Nascar.  Here are some of her most popular collectibles including their current prices and values.

2010 Press Pass Eclipse Danica Patrick rookie card– This amazing Nascar rookie card has a few different versions and has been one of Danica’s most traded rookie cards.  There are a few different color variations to these cards including individually numbers rookie cards.  You can find the regular issued cards for about $7-$10 a card.

danica-patrick-rookie-card2006 Allen & Ginter’s Danica Patrick Rookie Card– This amazing art card was featured in the 2006 Allen & Ginter’s set.  Many people view this card as the true Danica Patrick rookie card.  There is a mini version of this card which normally sells for double the price of the regular issued card.  You can find the regular issued card for about $10-$15.

2010 Press Pass Element Danica Patrick Rookie Card– Press Pass is one of the companies who has truly taken advantage of the Danica Patrick fan base.  In the 2010 Element set they added a few different insert cards to give the fans a few options of cards to purchase.  The regular issued card can be purchased for about$8 while some of the insert cards can be found for $4-$5.

2007 Dancia Patrick IRL rookie card- This is one of Danica Patrick first rookie cards.  The autograph insert in this set is one of her hottest cards selling for over $300.00.

2008 Sports Illustrated Danica Patrick Swimsuit Cards– These amazing cards showing Danica in her swimsuit during the Sports Illustrated photo shoot.  She has more than 10 cards in this set in different poses.  These collectible cards have been selling for over $10 online.  The amazing photography highlights these outstanding cards.

Danica Patrick has thousands of collectibles from Posters to autographed photos.  It seems like Nascar fans can’t get enough of this talented young superstar.  If she continues to drive like she can Danica Patrick rookie cards may rival  Tiger Woods rookie cards in the near future.

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