Curtis Granderson rookie cards have always been popular with collectors.  His rookie cards have quickly become some of the most sought after baseball cards in the hobby.  Now that he is with the New York Yankees, collectors have even more reason to purchase some of his best rookie cards.  So what are the most valuable Curtis Granderson rookie to buy?  Here is a detailed list of some of his most expensive RC cards and how much they are currently selling for.

2002 Bowman Chrome Curtis Granderson Rookie Card

These are currently the most popular Granderson rookie cards and some of his most expensive.  There are a few different variations that were produced by Topps in the Bowman Chrome set.  Some of these variations include autograph Curtis Granderson Rookie Cardcards, refractors and colored refractors.  Each Gold Refractor is individually numbered, with only 50 cards ever produced.  The base Curtis Granderson rookie card sells for around $8-$10 in Mint condition.  Gem MT versions sell for over $100.  These baseball cards make great investments at their current levels.

2002 Upper Deck Prospects Curtis Granderson Rookie 

These cards are not easy to find and have been getting a lot of attention from collectors as well as investors.  These cards can be purchased online for around $5.  As long as Granderson continues to hit these great baseball cards will continue to rise in value.

2004 Just Minors Autograph Rookie 

These signed cards are great collectibles as well as great investments. These are some of the most underpriced Curtis Granderson cards on our list.  You can find these autograph cards online selling in the $15-$20 range.  You can expect these cards to gain steam in the near future as Granderson autograph cards dry up.

Curtis Granderson has had an amazing start to the 2011 season.  He has terrorized American League pitchers.  His rookie cards have become just as popular as Derek Jeter rookie cards and Alex Rodriguez rookie cards with Yankees fans. If he continues to play at this level you can expect Curtis Granderson rookie cards to possibly double in vale from their current levels.

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