Jackie Robinson baseball cardsJackie Robinson cards have are valuable collectibles.  When baseball collectors buy his cards they are not just buying a card, but a piece of American history. Jackie Robinson was one of the greatest players that ever played.  Robinson broke into the league with the Brooklyn Dodgers and while doing so destroyed the color barrier.  Being the first African American player was not an easy task.  This is only part of the reason why he is remembered as such an iconic figure.

Jackie quickly showed he can play in the majors becoming one of the most electrifying players baseball has ever seen.  His combination of size, speed and agility mesmerized fans.  Even though many despised him they respected his game play.  He opened the doors for other legendary Negro League players like Satchel Paige and Larry Doby.  He also paved the way for players like Hank Aaron, Ken Griffey Jr., and Barry Bonds.

This is why so many baseball card collectors covet any Jackie Robinson card they can get their hands on.  Jackie has many great baseball cards.  Most of them are difficult to find in good condition.  Age has taken it’s toll on many of the great baseball cards of the 50’s.

Best Jackie Robinson Cards of All-Time

1948 Leaf Jackie Robinson Rookie Card #79

This epic card sells for around $2,000 in VG 3 condition.  These Jackie Robinson cards are impossible to find in high end condition.  These unique cards are undersized, which makes them even harder to find in top-notch condition.  These cards are the ultimate addition to any baseball card collection.

1949 Bowman Jackie Robinson Rookie #50

This card is just awesome.  The red background add some color to this vintage masterpiece.  Buyers will have a hard time getting a hold of this gem in premium condition.  Cards graded VG-EX 4  sell for over $1,000.

1947 Bond Bread Jackie Robinson Rookie

These Jackie Robinson rookie cards are truly unique.  They were added to bread packs in the late 1940’s.  These cards are very thin, and typically don’t grade well.  This maybe Jackie’s rarest card, depending on who you ask.

1950 Bowman Jackie Robinson #22

This tiny, but elegant card has a clean color photo of the Dodgers great.  These Jackie Robinson cards are cherished for their simplicity and color.  Buyers can expect to pay $500-$600 for VG-EX 4 graded cards.

1952 Topps Jackie Robinson #312

This iconic card was Jackie’s first Topps card.  These cards are over-sized which make them some of the most condition sensitive cards of the 50’s.  The red background of these baseball cards frames a nice head shot of the Dodgers 2nd baseman.  An epic card and a greta investment.

1953 Topps Jackie Robinson #1

Many collectors argue that this is one of Jackie Robinson’s greatest baseball cards.  Topps featured Jackie as the #1 card in the 1953 set, which means many were destroyed. Why you might ask?  Collectors of the 50’s like to put their cards in number order to keep their cards organzied and know which cards they needed to complete their sets.  The #1 cards were often damaged by rubber bands that were wrapped around the cards.  This was a common practice.  This is one of the reasons why these cards sell for thousands of dollars in premium condition.

1954 Topps Jackie Robinson #10

These Jackie Robinson baseball cards are also hot commodities.  They sell well in VG 3 condition for around $300 while high graded cards fetch a few thousand dollars.

1955 Topps Jackie Robinson #50

This landscape style card has an incredible look and feel.  With two pictures of the great slugger on the front of card buyers love owning this rare gem.  These vintage cards sell for around $400 in VG-EX condition.

1956 Topps Jackie Robinson #30

One of the coolest looking Jackie Robinson cards ever produced.  Another landscape style card that shows Jackie sliding into home plate and avoiding a tag.  This masterpiece of a card sell for around $350 in VG-EX4 condition. Premium graded cards sell for over $2,000 in NM-MT+ condition.

Jackie Robinson Autographs

Jackie Robinson cards are not the only items that collectors want to get their hands on. Robinson autographed cards and signed memorabilia are just as popular.  Companies like Topps and Upper Deck have created some unique autographed cards over the years.  These incredible cards have autographed cuts embedded in the middle of the cards.  Some these signed items come from checks or letters Jackie signed over the years.  Buyers can expect $4,000 to $7,000 for these 1 of 1 type cards.  Many of these cards are actually numbered to only 1.

Autographed Jackie Robinson Baseballs

Signed baseballs are also valuable collectibles.  The value of these balls greatly depend on the quality of the autograph and where it was signed on the ball.  Signed sweet spot balls can sell for over $10,000, while worn out signatures can fetch around $1500.

Jackie Robinson Memorabilia on Ebay