Which Rookie Card is the Better Investment?

Both Cam Newton rookie cards and Robert Griffin III rookie cards make great investments.  Both quarterbacks have immense talent and have a great chance of being elite QB’s in the NFL.  Cam Newton rookie cards are currently selling for a little more money than RG3 rookies.  That says a lot about RG3 as the Redskins fans seem to be jumping on his rookie card bandwagon very fast.  The Redskins quarterback has the speed, arm strength and intelligence to become this year’s NFL rookie of the year like Newton was last year.

Both QB’s play for up and coming teams and are in the middle of the rebuilding process.  Neither have elite receivers to throw to, which may affect how they play in the future.  Newton currently has an aging Steve Smith as his target while Griffin will be throwing to Pierre Garcon.  Both teams must do a better job signing elite receiver to better utilize their franchise quarterback talent.

Newton has already excelled in the NFL. He broke the NFL’s QB rushing touchdown record in his rookie year and was a nightmare for opposing defenses.  You can expect RG3 to have the same impact on defenses this season.

What are the best Rookie Cards to Buy?

There are many different Cam Newton rookies that can be purchased that make reasonable investments.  Some of these rookie cards include his 2011 Topps Chrome rookie and the 2011 National Treasures autograph jersey rookie card.  Cam has many other rookie cards selling from $5 to over $4,000.

Robert Griffin rookie cards are still being produced.  Companies like Topps and Upper Deck are going to release more than a few sets that include RG3 rookie cards.  You can expect autographs, cards of Griffin and popular numbered refractors to be hot sellers when they become live.  Card collectors are already spending hundreds of dollars on RG3 Press Pass rookies as well as Sage Hit football cards released earlier this month.  It is a little too early to tell which will be Griffin’s best rookie card.

Things to Watch

Both quarterbacks have immense talent and as you can see have more qualities that are more similar than different.  It the end it will come down to the durability and surrounding talent that will determine which QB rookie cards will end up being the best investment.  Because both quarterbacks like to run and scramble they both take a great risk in the NFL .  Staying healthy will make a big difference in the value of their rookie cards.

The Redskins and Panthers are both in need of a franchise receiver which will also have a dramatic effect on their franchise quarterback’s success.  The divisions that, both teams play in are both very competitive.  Currently Cam Newton is in a division that lacks talent on the defensive side of the ball.  This may open the door for Newton to put his bigger offensive numbers than RG3 and help his rookie cards in the near future.

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