Cal_Ripken_jr_baseball_cardsEverybody who know anything about  sports cards has owned or wanted to own a Cal Ripken Jr. baseball card. There are many good reasons why Cal Ripken Jr. rookie cards are a great investments in today card market. Cal Ripken Jr. is not just one of the greatest players ever t play the game but he has become a single of strength and an amazing role model that baseball truly needs.  He embodies strength, endurance, and quality of character which are very important when understanding what drives the value of baseball cards.  As we all know supply and demand can take a players rookie card and have it double in price in a very short time.  So why will Cal Ripken Jr. baseball cards still be in demand in the next 20-30 years? Well much of the reason is because what we have just discussed on image but there are also other factors that will contribute to the rise in value of certain sports cards.

Baseball cards are very valuable to some because they are hard to find, or in perfect condition but there are also some personal feelings involved that help drive a card to be worth a lot of money.  One of the factors is how the player played the game.  When he is mentioned do you think of Derek Jeter diving into the stands to catch a fly ball or Manny Ramirez drinking out of a water bottle in left field?  Cal Ripken is known and will always be known as a tough and gutty player who never missed a baseball game and never got in trouble while playing the game.  Steroids or foul play have never been mentioned in the same sentence as Cal Ripken Jr.  He played the game the way it should have been played and he gave fans that grew up watching him in the 80’s and 90’s a keepsake or memory of baseball that can never be taken away.  This is one of the reasons Cal Ripken baseball cards will always be worth a lot of money.

Cal Ripken Jr. legacy will continue to make his rookie cards rise in value and he will always be a main stay among fans that appreciate the game and the hard work that Ripken embodies.

Alan Karpuch

Owner of GMA Grading Inc. Over 20 years experience in the sports card industry.

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