Viewed as arguably the top prospect in the 2012 draft, Buxton made the jump from high school to the pros after the Twins made him there #2 overall pick.  The 18-year-old played rookie ball in the Appalachian League and the Gulf Coast League in his first full season.  He hit 5 homers in 48 games.

The Twins Byron Buxton is setting the minor leagues on fire.  The speedy outfielder is a five-tool player and has all the gifts that are needed to be a major league superstar.  Buxton is a line-drive hitter with great power and plate discipline.  His cat-like reflexes makes him a threat to steal bases anytime he gets on base.

Many scouts think he has Mike Trout-like abilities and has the potential to be called up later this year.  This may not be the casebyron-buxton-rookie but either way, he will be one the Twins roster in early 2014.  So is it too early to start buying Byron Buxton rookie cards?  No!  Buxton has been on the radar of speculators who have been purchasing any of his cards they can get their hands on.

Here is a list of some his Buxton’s premium rookie cards.  Below, we have included a list of his most expensive as well as some more affordable choices.

2013 Bowman Byron Buxton Rookie 

Topps did a great job of including the Twins young superstar in the 2013 Bowman set.  This is currently one of his most popular cards and can be purchased at a reasonable price.  Currently these baseball cards are selling for only $4-$5 in mint condition.  Bowman has a few variations that are getting some attention like the Silver Ice, Red Ice and the hottest of them all, the Autograph rookie.  Signed Byron Buxton 2013 Bowman cards are currently selling for $150-$200.

2013 Bowman Chrome Byron Buxton Autograph Rookie

This is one of the more expensive Byron Buxton rookie cards you can buy.  These sharp looking cards are selling for $200-$250.  Colored variation and refractor autographs are selling for more as they are much more limited.  In a recent auction, a Buxtonblue refractor sold for more than $1,000.  This maybe a little over the top for people with tighter budgets, but it does show the popularity of the young Twins star.

 2012 Leaf Rize Byron Buxton Rookie Cards

These cards are great for those buying Buxton rookie cards on a fixed budget.  They are currently some of his most affordable rookie cards.  A clean design has made these cards fan favorites.  These cards are currently selling for only $2-$3.

Buyers should pay close attention to the edges on these cards as they are not the easiest to find in quality condition.  Edges and corners seem to flake causing major condition issues which can have a long term effect on these cards.

2013 Topps Inception Rookie

These are some of the nicest designed Byron Buxton rookies that we have listed.  The autographed versions are very popular and not easy to find in tip-top condition.  Currently, these autographed Buxton rookie cards are selling for $150-$175.  This card is not for all collectors but is a good investment for those looking for a premium card with a lot of upside.

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2013 Elite Extra Edition Byron Buxton Rookie

These are some of nicest looking baseball cards made in 2013 so far.  Panini did a great job including Byron in this year’s set.  Buxton has a base card that is very reasonably price for those looking for an affordable option. (Currently $3)

Autographed variations are great options for those looking for a high end investment.  These autographed cards are selling for 2013-Bowman-Inception-Baseball-Prospect-Inscription-Autograph-Byron-Buxtonaround $150, a little lower than the Bowman Chrome versions.

2013 Topps Pro Debut Byron Buxton Rookie

These are great cards for those who like to collect minor league cards.  These cards were released only a few weeks ago and sell for $2-$3.  These cards are not as rare as some of the cards we mentioned but are a reasonable choice for those just looking to get in on the action.

As Byron Buxton continues to mature as a hitter, his numbers will make his rookie cards some of the most desired cards in the hobby.  Now is the best time to start buying his rookie cards, while they are still reasonably priced.  As he gets older and his body matures, you can expect his power numbers to bring even more investors to the ballpark.

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