Steven Stamkos rookie cards are great investments.  This young superstar maybe the best player in Hockey.  He has all the skills and that some of the great one’s like Gretzky and Lemieux had.  Steven Stamkos hockey cards are getting the attention of not just hockey card investors but also baseball and football card collectors as well.  Stamkos has the Lighting in contention for  a Stanley Cup and if he continues to play at this level we expect his rookie cards to skyrocket in value.  The Steven Stamkos Rookie cardvalue of Steven Stamkos rookie cards have already increased dramatically over the past year.  We believe they are still very inexpensive and make outstanding investments.  Here are some of the best Steven Stamkos cards and some of the most expensive.

2008 Upper Deck Ultimate Steven Stamkos rookie card autograph

This amazing card is numbered to only 99 cards in production.  Upper Deck has invested a lot of time in the design and quality of the Ultimate set. Each one of these Steven Stamkos rookie cards comes autographed. These cards make great investments even though they are some of his most expensive hockey cards.  Expect to pay around $600-$800 for one of these cards in good condition.

2008 SP Authentic  Stamkos Rookie 

This is another great Stamkos card that has a ton of upside.  Only 999 of these cards were ever produced and at their current prices make outstanding investments.  You can find these RC cards selling for around $350-$450 online depending on the condition they are in.  Make sure that you pay close attention to the corners of these cards as they chip very easy.

2008 Upper Deck Young Guns 

This is one of the more affordable Stamkos rookie cards in the market.  The card is not easy to find in good condition and in many cases have white corners. These rookie cards make great investments at the right price.  You can find them for sale in the $125 price range.

These are just a few of the best Steven Stamkos rookie cards that exist.  Almost all of his hockey cards are good investments in quality condition.  The Tampa Bay lightning star has many valuable collectibles but his rookie cards are worth their weight in gold.  Now is the time to start investing in Steven Stamkos rookie cards.

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