Shaquille O’Neal have been some of the most popular basketball cards ever.  Many people believe that Shaquille O’Neal changed the hobby in the 90’s as it made card collecting more popular than ever.  Shaq has had great success with almost every team he has been on winning multiple championships with the Lakers and Heat. His many nicknames make him most of the most marketable athletes in sports and his popularity will continue to grow as he joins the Boston Celtics.  Here is a list of some the best Shaquille O’Neal rookie cards that have ever been produced with their current values.

1992 Stadium Club Shaquille O’Neal 

This is one of the best Shaquille O’Neal rookie cards and one of the most popular.  These cards bring about $150 in Gem MT shaquille-oneal-rookie-card10 condition.  You can find un-graded versions for about $15-$20.

1992 Hoops All-Magic 

This card is very scarce compared to the regular issued hoops card.  These cards sell for over $300 in Gem MT 10 condition.  These cards are not easy to find as they were randomly inserted into packs of Hoops basketball.

1992 Stadium Club Beam Team 

Another very popular insert rookie card.  This card is condition sensitive as it was printed on a holographic foil which makes it hard to find in good condition.

Shaq has many more rookie cards that are worth buying but these are his most valuable basketball cards and also some of his scarcest cards.  Much like Lebron James rookie cards or Michael Jordan rookie cards, Shaquille O’Neal rookies are great investments and some of the best cards a basketball card collector can buy.