The Ryan Howard rookie card is one of the best investments a collector can make.  Ryan has become one of the best power hitters baseball has seen in a decade.  Ryan has led the Phillies too two World Series appearances.  Some of the best Ryan Howard rookie cards are autographed or hand signed.  To help you determine the value of you Ryan Howard rookie card we will discuss in detail some of his best baseball cards and how much they are worth.

2002 Upper Deck USA Ryan Howard Rookie Card

This autographed Ryan Howard rookie card is one of his most expensive cards and very hard to find in good condition.  A Gem MT 10 recently sold for over $1500 on Ebay.  These cards were individually numbered too only 375.

2003 Donruss Elite Ryan Howard Rookie Card

This Ryan Howard baseball card is individually numbered to 100 and also autographed.  This card is a great investment if you can afford to spend the money.  Expect to pay a little over $300 for this card on Ebay.


2003 Bowman’s Best Ryan Howard Rookie Card

This is one of the nicest Howard rookie cards that have been produced and is also hand signed by the Phillies slugger.  These cards are a little more condition sensitive so make sure you check the condition of the card before you make a purchase.

2001 Upper Deck Ryan Howard Rookie Card

The 2001 Upper Deck Ryan Howard rookie card is the most affordable of his many rookie cards and is also the most traded of all Ryan Howard’s baseball cards.  The card is very inexpensive when you consider the prices of the other cards that we have discussed.  You can find one of these rookie cards for about $20-$25.

2003 Bowman Chrome Ryan Howard Rookie Card

This is another great Howard rookie card that was produced with a few different variations.  There is the regular issued card as well as the Refractor, autographed rookie, and the Xfractor rookie.  Depending on how much you are willing to invest you have a large variety of options.

Ryan also has a few jersey cards and autographed baseball cards that are worth picking up even though they are not considered to be rookie cards.  Ryan Howard rookie cards have increased in value much like the 2001 Chrome Albert Pujols rookie card.  His cards will continue to go up as long as the Phillies keep on playing the way they are and Howard keeps on slugging HR’s.  Almost any Ryan Howard rookie card that you purchase is considered to be a safe investment.

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