Buying a Ryan Braun rookie card can be one of the smartest things any sports card collector could purchase. Braun has become one of the best all around players in baseball. He hits for average, power and even steals a few bases. Almost all Ryan Braun rookie cards that are worth buying. Here we have listed some of the more popular rookies cards that have been produced.

2005 Bowman Chrome Xfractor Autograph Ryan Braun Rookie Card

This is probably one of the most expensive Ryan Braun rookie cards to date.  This RC cards sells for about $600 in Mint 9 condition.  There have not been too many Gem MT ryan-braun-rookie-cardcards graded due to the scarcity of this card.

2005 Topps Update Ryan Braun Rookie Card

The 2005 Topps Update rookie card has a regular version as well as a autographed version.  The regular issued card sells for about $25 and the autographed rookie version sells for over $200.00.  Be careful when you make a purchase on the Bruan rookie baseball card due to the centering issues that plague many of these cards.

2005 Bowman Sterling Ryan Braun Rookie Card

This card is one of the nicest Ryan Braun rookie cards that have been produced.  There is also an autographed refractor that is numbered to only 199 pieces.

2007 Bowman Chrome Ryan Braun Rookie Card

The 2007 Bowman chrome rookie card has the RC logo on the front but is not considered by some collectors as his real rookie card due to the fact that it is not his oldest card.  That being said this is one of his more affordable rookie cards which makes it a great seller at reasonable prices.

As Ryan Braun matures to being one of the greatest hitters in baseball expect his baseball cards to continue to go up in value.  When his contract is up expect the Yankees and the Red Sox to both make an aggressive move to get the amazing talent.  Much like the Jason Heyward rookie card, Braun RC’s are the hottest cards going.  A Ryan Braun rookie card is the best investment you can make in today’s marke

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