There are more than a few Pete Rose baseball cards that are great investments in today’s marketplace.  Pete Rose still holds baseball’s all-time hits record which is a record that may never be broken.  Many baseball fans believe baseball should induct Pete Rose into the Hall of Fame.  When you consider what players have been caught doing over the past few years I do not see why not.  Whether you agree or disagree Pete Rose baseball cards are great investments.  He has become a part of baseball history and will be remembered for his aggressive play and longevity as well as gambling.  Here is a list of just a few great Pete Rose baseball cards that are worth buying.  The current values of these cards is also displayed.

1963 Topps Pete Rose rookie card

This is undoubtedly Pete Rose’s best baseball card.  This is also one of his most expensive cards.  This amazing card has Pete Rose Rookie Cardcolored borders which makes it very hard to find in very good condition.  You can purchase a NM-MT 8 Pete Rose rookie card for about $2500 while a Mint 9 will cost you about $10,000 if you can find one.  This is one of the greatest baseball cards ever produced and will skyrocket if Rose ever does get inducted into the Hall.

1964 Topps Pete Rose Baseball Card

This baseball card is a fan favorite and not just popular with collectors.  Investor have been buying up these cards especially the one’s that grade 9 or better.  The second year Pete Rose card sells for $500 in Nm-MT8 condition and about $2000 in Mint 9 condition.

1971 Topps Pete Rose baseball card

This set is getting more and more attention due to the extreme difficulty of finding these cards in high grade condition.  The black borders on these cards and bad centering problems have made this one of the best Pete Rose baseball cards that you can invest in.  If you can find a Mint 9 or better condition card you will want to pick it up as not to many exist.

Pete Rose Autographed Baseball Cards

Pete Rose has signed a lot of merchandise in his years.  We added this to the list of items Not to Buy! Do to Rose’s early exit from baseball he signed thousands of pieces trying to recoup some of the money he lost.  We would advise that you stay away from these items unless they are very cheap.

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