Pedro Alvarez rookie cards are on the radar of many new collectors.  The Pirates young star has been called up to join some of his other young teammates like Andrew McCutchen and Jose Tabata.  Alvarez dominated minor league pitching hitting 13 Homeruns while having a consistent .300 batting average.  This display of average and power might have forced the hands of Pirates ownership to get this young prospect into the majors faster than expected.  Pedro Alvarez rookie cards are not that common as there are only a few good rookie baseball cards of his to choose from.  Here is a list of some of the best Pedro Alvarez rookie cards to date with their current values.

2006 Upper Deck USA Pedro Alvarez rookie card

USA cards are great collectibles and Upper Deck was sure to include Pedro in their set in 2006.  There are a few different cards to choose from in the set including a base card as well as numbered autographed baseball cards and jersey cards.  The autographed card that is individually numbered to Only 10 card is currently selling for $350.00.  A great buy if you can get your hands on one.

2008 Upper Deck USA Pedro Alvarez Rookie Card

Upper Deck took advantage of Alvarez’s popularity by creating a few versions of these amazing USA rookie cards in their set.  There is an autographed RC card numbered to only 99 in production.  This card also includes a game used authentic jersey displayed in the center of the card.  Current Ebay auctions have these cards selling for about $150.  The Red versions of the different autograph cards have been the most popular with collectors.  They are also some of the rarest cards that Pedro Alvarez has.

2008 Razor Pedro Alvarez Rookie Cards

Razor included a few versions in their 2008 set of Alvarez including autograph rookie cards as well as different colored insert versions of this young phenom.  You can pick up some of these signed cards for $35-$40 while picking up some of the rarer gold cards for $65.  These prices are amazing when you consider his potential.

Much like Andrew McCutchen rookie cards Pedro Alvarez rookie cards have started off at affordable prices.  They are very reasonably priced compared to some of the other great prospects who are in the majors.  Even though Stephen Strasburg rookie cards and Bryce Harper cards are the talk of the town make sure you keep your eye on Alvarez.  His potential is unlimited and if you can find Pedro Alvarez rookie cards at a good price you may want to start buying a few for your collection.

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