Matt Kemp rookie cards are currently the hottest baseball cards in the hobby.  After blasting his 8th home run of the young season, many believe Kemp has a real chance of winning the Triple Crown.

The last player to win the Triple Crown award was Carl Yastrzemski in 1967.  Kemp’s hot streak has collectors craving for his rookie cards.

Matt Kemp rookie cards are getting harder and harder to find over the past few weeks as speculators have started buying most of his best rookies.

Here is a breakdown of some of matt-kemp-topps-rookiethe best Matt Kemp rookies to buy and what they are currently selling for online.

Pay close attention to some of the condition factors given for each card to help protect your investment.

Top 3 Matt Kemp Rookie Cards to Buy

2005 Bowman Chrome– The Bowman Chrome rookie card is definitely one of Kemps most popular baseball cards.  A few variations exist of these great cards including colored refractors, autographed cards and signed and numbered variations.  Xfractors are also very popular inserts that are popular with collectors. Autographed Matt Kemp rookies from the 2005 Bowman chrome set sell for around $200 while base cards have been selling for $10-$15.

Condition Tips:  Many of these cards are not well centered. Buyers should pay close attention to the centering of these cards from top to bottom and left to right of the card.  If you are purchasing autographed Bowman Chrome rookies make sure that the autographs are crisp and not smudged like some that were released in packs.

2005 Topps Chrome Update– These Matthew Kemp cards are also great investments.  The Topps Chrome Update cards are harder to find then some of the Bowman Chrome rookie cards listed above.  Variations of these baseball cards include refractors, colored refractors, and autographed cards.  These Matthew Kemp rookie cards make great investments.  Currently the base cards are selling for $15-$20 while refractors are selling for around double that at $35-$40.  These baseball cards are still very affordable and are worth taking a look at.

Condition Tips– Centering is huge on these cards.  Many were cut poorly and are off-center.  Buyers should pay close attention to the centering and corners on these great baseball cards.

2005 Topps Update Matt Kemp– These cards look exactly like the Topps Chrome Matthew Kemp rookies.  These amazing Topps cards are some of the most affordable Matt Kemp RC cards that you can get your hands on.  Currently these cards are selling for $5-$10 ungraded.

Condition Tips– Corner wear is something to watch out for on these cards.  Because these cards have white borders bent corners are harder to spot.  Centering can also be a problem when buying these cards.  Buyers should inspect these Topps baseball cards carefully before making a purchase.

The value of Kemp’s cards will continue to rise as long as he keeps on hitting.  Another factor that will help Matt Kemp’s run at the Triple Crown award is Albert Pujols signing with the Anaheim Angels.  Buyers should start buying these baseball cards now.  It is hard to argue that Matt Kemp maybe the best baseball player in the league.  He can steal bases, hit for power and average.  It seems that he has all the intangibles of becoming the next baseball superstar.

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