Joe Montana rookie cards have been popular with 49ers fans for the past 25 years.  The Notre Dame graduate led the 49ers to numerous Super Bowl titles and the team was labeled the team of the decade of the 90’s.  It is true that Montana had help from his supporting cast with soon to be Hall of Famer’s like Roger Craig and Jerry Rice but he will always be remembered as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time.  Joe Montana football cards are very undervalued and are still worth buying at reasonable prices. Montana does not rank as high as Dan Marino or Brett Favre when it comes to passing statistics but no quarterback has joe-montana-rookie-cardbeen better when it comes to Super Bowl victories.  In the end this is what matters and not just individual stats.  There is no debating that Dan Marino is probably the best all round passer but Montana found a way to will his team to victories including a Super Bowl victory over Marino’s Miami Dolphins.  Here is a list of some of Joe Montana’s best football cards of all-time and their current values.

1981 Topps Joe Montana rookie card

This is the only Joe Montana rookie card to have ever been produced.  The Topps rookie is worth about $150-$200 in NM-MT condition.  If you can find one in Mint 9 condition you can probably get about $450 for the card if not a little more.  A Gem MT 10 card is very hard to find.  These cards are normally off center and have the normal wear as many older Topps cards do.  A Perfect 10 should bring $2500 or more.  A great investment!

1982 Topps Joe Montana Football Card

This is also one of Montana’s best football cards.  These cards also were produced with some centering issues.  Expect to pay about $50 for this card in Mint 9 condition and around $200 in Gem MT 10 condition.

1985 Topps Joe Montana football card

This card is one of the best Joe Montana football cards to keep your eye on.  Much like the 1981 Topps Montana rookie card the ’85 Topps version is condition sensitive.  The card was produced with black borders and major centering problems.  This card is an incredible investment if you can find one in Mint 9 or better condition.  Due to the scarcity of these cards in high grades it is hard to give a verified value.  These cards will one day be some of the most valuable Montana cards ever produced.  Even though they might be expensive in high end condition your money is safe.

Much like the Jerry Rice rookie card, Montana cards will always been fan favorite’s with 49ers fans.  With that being said Joe Montana is one of the most popular quarterbacks to ever play the game.  Just remember that popularity is a very important factor when it comes to a card going up in value.  Joe Montana rookie cards are strong investments.

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