Jay Cutler rookie cards are getting a lot of attention as the Bears are one game away from the Super Bowl.  Cutler has had a great year and investors are starting to take notice.  So what are the best Jay Cutler rookie cards and what are they worth?  Jay Cutler Rookie CardHere is a detailed list of the best Jay Cutler rookie cards from most expensive to least expensive.

Best Jay Cutler Rookie Cards

2006 Upper Deck Exquisite Jay Cutler Rookie Card

This is the most expensive Jay Cutler rookie card.  These beautiful rookie cards are numbered to only 20.  These football cards are all individually numbered and come with unique game used jersey patch and are all autographed by Cutler.  These cards are very scarce which makes them outstanding investments if you can afford them.

2006 SP Authentic Jay Cutler Rookie Card

The SP Authentic Jay Cutler rookie cards are all numbered to only 99 cards.  These rookie cards have all been signed by him which adds to their value.  The scarcities of these football cards make them outstanding investments if they are found in good condition.  These cards can be purchased on Ebay for about $1000.

2006 Bowman Chrome Jay Cutler Rookie Card

There are many different variations of the Jay Cutler rookie cards that were produced in the Bowman Chrome set.   Some of these variations include refractors, colored refractors, and autograph cards.  Many of Cutler’s rookie cards in the Bowman chrome set are numbered which adds to their value.

There are more than a hundred different Jay Cutler rookie cards that were printed in 2006.  Some of the most valuable cards are the autographed rookies.  Most of these Jay Cutler football cards range in value but all make great investments if purchased at the right prices.  If he can take the Bears to the Super Bowl expect his cards to dramatically rise in value.

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