James Starks rookie cards have become some of the favorite new football cards to collect for many packers fans.  It looks like Starks has finally helped the Packers establish a running attack that they so desperately need in the playoff.  There are many different James Starks rookie cards that were produced in 2010.  Here are some of the best James Starks football cards to buy with their current values.  These cards have a lot of upside, much like Aaron Rodgers rookie cards.  If the Green Bay Packers can get to the Super Bowl his football cards can easily double in value.  Now is a great time to start buying James Starks cards especially if you are looking to make some quick money.

2010 Topps Platinum James Starks Rookie Card

These football cards are very inexpensive.  You can pick up these cards on Ebay for around $2-$3.  Autograph Platinum cards are currently selling for $25-$30 ungraded.  These cards are reasonably priced and make exceptional investments.

2010 Topps Chrome James Starks Rookie Card

The Topps Chrome rookie is also very popular with Packers fans.  There are many different variations to this James Starks rookie.  Some of the variations include autograph cards, colored refractors, and the popular Xfractors.  All of these rookies make great investments at their current prices.  The value of James Starks Topps Chrome rookies will surely rise if the Packers get to the Super Bowl.  You can buy the base card for $3.

2010 Donruss Elite James Starks Rookie Card– The Donruss Elite rookie cards also come in different forms.  Some of these great James Starks cards are individually number and autographed.  These autographed cards are already worth $100 and more.  These cards make reasonable investments but may be too pricey if the Packers fail to get to the Super Bowl.

Many people believe that the Packers are the team to beat this year.  This has become true with the help of James Starks running.  Pay close attention to Aaron Rodgers rookie cards and Clay Matthews rookie cards as they will rise with a successful Packers playoff run.

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