Ian Kinsler rookie cards have become very popular amongst baseball cards collectors and enthusiasts.  Kinsler had a great series to lift the Rangers to their first AL championship series.  His three home runs were key hits in the Rangers series victory over the Tampa Bay Rays.  Ian Kinsler baseball cards are very affordable in today’s market.  He has proven to be one of the best hitting second baseman in the major leagues and he is still very young.  Some of the best Ian Kinsler rookie cardsIan Kinsler Rookie Card on Ebay are selling for much less than some of the other great 2nd baseman.  Many of his most expensive cards are his rookie cards and autograph memorabilia cards.  Here is a list of the best Ian Kinsler rookie cards with their current values.

2005 Bowman Ian Kinsler Rookie Card

This outstanding card can be found online for about $4-$5.  These baseball cards are very popular but are still very affordable.  If you decide to purchase any of these cards make sure that you pay attention to the corners as they are condition sensitive do to the black borders they have been printed on.    These Ian Kinsler rookie cards are ver affordable and are great investments.

2005 Bowman Chrome Ian Kinsler rookie card

These great cards are much like the bowman baseball cards.  They sell for around $8-$10 and are not as condition sensitive as the regular Bowman cards.  A few variations of these Ian Kinsler baseball cards do exist.  These variations include various colored refractors which have been individually numbered.  The Gold rookie refractor is currently the most valuable of these variations selling for over $200 in good condition.

2006 SPX Ian Kinsler Rookie Signatures rookie card

These amazing rookie cards were produced in 2006.  Many collectors still view these baseball cards as true Ian Kinsler RC cards even though they printed a year later.  Only 999 autographed cards were ever produced which makes this card very hard to find.  These cards can be purchased for about $65.

The Texas Rangers maybe the Team of the future.  There are many different players rookie cards to watch that are on the Rangers squad.  Ian Kinsler rookie cards should be on top of the last.  If you are looking for other affordable investments you will also want to consider Cliff Lee rookie cards as well as Nelson Cruz rookie cards.  If the Rangers can win the World Series all of these great baseball cards will have the attention they deserve.  Now be a great time to invest in some of these Texas Rangers phenoms.

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