Most of the time when collectors purchase football cards they normally want to buy only the best offense of players. These are the players who put up the points and get most of the attention. There are some elite defensive players that have very undervalued rookie cards that are worth buying. These elite defensive standouts have a great chance of becoming future Hall of Famers. They range from outstanding linebackers to unstoppable defensive lineman. These rare football cards are extremely undervalued and now may be the best time to buy them. Here is a list of the best players on the defensive side of the ball that you should be looking to purchase.

Ray Lewis rookie cards- Ray Lewis has become the face of the Baltimore Ravens. He is the epitome of what a great middle linebacker should be. The NFL has not seen such a great talent since Dick Butkus. Ray Lewis brings energy and confidence to this team which makes it almost impossible for any football fan not to enjoy watching him play. Ray Lewis has a few rookie cards that are worth buying. All of them are extremely undervalued and should double in value once he is inducted into the Hall of Fame. The Ravens will be contending for another Super Bowl this season. If Ray can take them there, we believe Ray Lewis rookie cards can double in value this season.

DeMarcus Ware rookie cards– all of the talk in Dallas is about the Cowboys new young offensive stars. What people forget is much of the success of the Dallas Cowboys will be based on their young defense. DeMarcus Ware has proven to be the core and strength of the Cowboys defense. He is become one of the best sack artists in the NFL. He’s continuously double teamed and in most cases even triple teamed. We believe that DeMarcus Ware rookie cards are some of the most undervalued football cards and hobby. If the Dallas Cowboys contend for a Super Bowl title it will be on the back of DeMarcus Ware. If you are looking for a great card or cards to invest in you should consider buying DeMarcus Ware rookie cards.

Darelle Revis Rookie Cards–  there was much concern whether Revis would play this season. The New York Jets finally signed him before the first game of the 2010 season. Revis is proven to be the most elite, shutdown, corner in the NFL. Darrelle Revis changes games as he lets Rey Ryan unleash Blitzer’s on opposing offenses leaving Revis on his own to cover some of the greatest and most talented receivers in the game.  He has done a great job.  Darrelle Revis rookie cards are being compared to Deions Sanders rookie cards which will make them very popular with collectors in the near future.  One of his best football cards are his 2007 Topps Chrome rookie.

This is just a few of the elite defensive players in the NFL. In upcoming articles will discuss some of the new young rookies that may be the future of their teams. Players like Mario Williams, of the Houston Texans may soon get the attention that he deserves.

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