A Derek Jeter rookie card is a must have for any baseball card collector.  Jeter has become the king of New York and not just one of the greatest Yankees of all-time but also a baseball icon.  Jeter has established a reputation of being one of the greatest shortstops in Major League baseball history.  Many of the best Derek Jeter rookie cards are expensive and their value has been determined by the amazing demand of collectors.  Derek will always be compared to Yankees like Mickey Mantle, Babe Ruth, and Don Mattingly.  To help determine the value of a Jeter rookie we have compiled a list of some of his most valuable RC cards to date. Some of the most expensive Derek Jeter cards are still great buys as he is coming closer to the 3,000 hit mark which is a direct ticket to the Hall of Fame.

Top 10 Derek Jeter Rookie Cards

1993 SP Derek Jeter Rookie CardDerek Jeter rookie card SP 1993

This is the best Derek Jeter rookie card bar none.  The 1993 rookie was produced on a silver foil card stock which makes it almost impossible to find in good condition.  Cards in Mint 9 condition sell for over $350 while Gem MT 10’s hover over $3000.  This is amazing when you consider the age of the card.  It is not too often that you find cards being worth so much money that were produced in the 1990’s.  This card has amazing value potential and will continue to rise as he gets closer to 3,000 hits.  The Yankees current success keeps  Jeter cards in the spotlight and the SP rookie in the center of that spotlight.

Derek Jeter rookie cards art

1993 Upper Deck Derek Jeter RC

The 1993 Upper Deck rookie is also one of his better baseball cards to date.  This is also a very hard card to find in good condition due to its coloredDerek Jeter Upper Deck RC sides.  These cards flake easily and hard very difficult to find with sharp corners. You can pick up one of these rookie baseball cards on Ebay for about $15 in NM-MT condition.

1993 Pinnacle Derek Jeter RC

The 1993 Pinnacle Jeter rookie is one of the classier looking cards produced.  This black bordered glossy card is a fan favorite and a very valuable baseball card if you can find in top condition. Due to the black borders chipping and bad corners are very common.  Expect to pay $25 for a mint 9 version of this card.

1993 Topps Derek Jeter Rookie Cards

Regular issued Topps cards have always been fan favorites.  Topps did not hold the production on these cards but they are still some of the most traded Jeter rookie cards to date.  One of the main problems to watch out for is centering issues.  Many of these cards are off centered.  There are a few different versions of this card including a gold version which is much more expensive and a Topps Micro or mini rookie card which is also very hard to find.

1993 Score Select  Derek Jeter RC

This is also a condition sensitive card due to the green borders and lighter card stock.  You can find these Jeter rookies for around $15 ungraded.  Also watch the centering as many have issues like the 1993 Topps cards.

1993 Stadium Club Jack Murphy Derek Jeter RC

This is one of the better long term investments when it comes to Jeter RC cards.  The print run on these was limited due to the unpopularity of the set when it was produced.  Out of all the Derek Jeter cards this is one of the rarest RC’s. Gem MT 10 cards sell for about $300 while Mint 9’s you can find for $40.Derek Jeter baseball card Murphy

1992 Classic 4 Sport Derek Jeter RC

This is one of the more affordable Jeter rookies.  You can pick one of these up for about $3.  There is also an autographed or signed version of this card that was randomly inserted in packs which is also very rare. Some of these autographed Derek Jeter rookies have sold for over $3000 in Gem MT condition.

1993 Classis Best Autograph 

The 1993 Classic best is another great rookie card that has a few variations.  The regular issued card you can find for about $5.  There was also a gold version of the card which was extremely limited in production.  These cards currently sell for about $35.  Finally there was an autographed version that was very hard to find that costs about $250.

1993 Bowman Derek Jeter Rookie Card #511

One of the best Derek Jeter rookie cards to buy. The card shows Jeter as a Draft Pick for the Yankees before he played any big league games. The card is not easy to find perfectly centered but is scarcer then his 1993 Topps rookie card. Currently the card is selling for $50 in gem mint 10 condition while mint 9 versions of the card are easily fetching $20-$25. This Derek Jeter rookie card is worth the money.

1993 Classic Draft Picks

Collectors will generally gravitate toward the card that wasn’t mass-produced. This is not one of them. These cards are easy to find and do not sell for the money that some of the other Derek Jeter baseball cards do. Currently you can find these cards online for $5 ungraded in mint condition.

A silver foil version does exist and is much harder to find. This card is also very hard to find in premium condition because of the foil card stock it was printed on. The silver foil parallel is a reasonable buy if you can find it in good condition.

1992 Front Row Derek Jeter Draft Pick #55

These baseball cards are not scarce at all but they are hard to find in perfect condition. Blue colored borders make them condition sensitive cards.Topps Derek Jeter RC Much like his 1993 Upper Deck rookie, these cards do sell well in the right condition. Buyers can purchase these cards on Ebay for $5-$10 depending on the condition they are in.

1992 Little Sun Derek Jeter High School Prospects #2

Perceived scarcity of a given card is a formula for increased value. These cards sell for over $200 in mint 9 condition because they are so scarce. Condition is also a major factor when determining the value of these great baseball cards. Colored borders and thin card stock make these a grading nightmare for investors.

1992 Upper Deck Derek Jeter #5 Minors Rookie

This is a quality card that is reasonably priced. This Derek Jeter rookie card is much harder to find then his Topps or Pinnacle rookie cards. Currently these cards sell for $10-$15 online and gem mint 10 versions have recently sold for in the range of $75-$85. White borders help these baseball cards grade very well and centering was not a real major issue with these cards.

1992 Pro Cards Derek Jeter Minors Gulf Coast Yankees Rookie #3797

These rare Derek Jeter baseball cards are great investments. They were printed on very thin card stock which make them very difficult to find in high grade conditions. These cards were not mass produced like some of the others we have discussed. Mint 9 versions of these cards sell for $25 and Gem Mt 10 versions are only selling for $150. These cards are a great buy at these prices.

Rare Derek Jeter Baseball Cards and Autographs

1994 Signature Rookies Derek Jeter Autograph

With only 8,650 of these Derek Jeter baseball cards in existence buyers can expect to pay a few thousand dollars for a premium graded card.  In a  recent online auction a gem mint 10 graded card sold for $6,300.  Part of the reason this card can fetch so much money is that it is almost impossible to find in great condition.  These cards easily flake and even mint 9 cards are extremely hard to find.

1992 Little Sun Derek Jeter High School Autograph

This card is so rare it is almost impossible to give an accurate figure of what it’s worth.  This polarizing card gets is unique, but has not always been a fan favorite.  Some collectors don’t even consider it a real card while others think this maybe Jeter’s best card.

Much like Alex Rodriguez rookie cards, Derek Jeter RC’s are very popular with Yankee fans.  They are also popular with baseball fans in general which make the demand of these cards very competitive.  This in turn raises the value of almost every Derek Jeter baseball  card.  If you intend on buying Derek Jeter rookies you are going to want o do so soon before he gets closer to some of the elite records in Major League Baseball.

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