Chris Paul rookie cards have great investment potential.  Chis has turned into one of the premiere point guards in the NBA.  He can score as well as control the point to make all of his fellow teammates better.  His unselfishness makes him one of the most sought after players in trade talks.  Teams like the New York Knicks are dyeing to trade for this young superstar.  All of these intangibles make Chris Paul rookie cards great investments as his basketball cards are very reasonably priced.  Many see Paul as a Steph Curry type of player.  Here is a detailed list of some of the best Chris Paul rookie cards that you should consider purchasing including their current values and prices.

2005 Upper Deck Exquisite Chris Paul Rookie Cards

These rookie cards are some of the most expensive Chris Paul basketball cards.  They are currently selling for $1200-$1500 on Ebay.  Each card has been hand signed by Paul and individually numbered to only 99.  These rare rookie cards also come with a unique games used jersey swatch.  These cards are not only the most expensive Chris Paul rookie cards but also some of the rarest.

2005 Upper Deck SPX Chris Paul RC

Another great collectible as these cards are numbered to only 750 and are also autographed by Chris.  These cards are available for about $250 and are much more affordable than the Exquisite cards.  If you cannot afford the Exquisite rookie card these are great replacements.

2005 Topps Chrome Chris Paul RC

These Paul cards are much more affordable than the one’s listed above.  You can readily find these cards selling for $20-$25 online.  Do to the quality card stock that they were produced on most of these cards are in mint or better condition.

Their are over 50 different Chris Paul rookie cards that you can purchase.  Topps and Upper Deck made sure to include this budding young superstar in all of their sets.  If you are looking for good investments try to purchase Paul rookies that are autographed or individually numbered.  This makes your investment more sound and will surely bring you back a greater return on your investment.

Chris Paul Basketball Cards Now on Ebay