Chase Utley rookie cards have always been popular with Philadelphia Phillies fans. Utley has become the best second baseman in the major leagues. His big-game has made him one of baseball’s all-time clutch hitters in the playoffs. With the Phillies contending for another World Series appearance Chase Utley rookie cards are getting much-Chase Utley Rookie Carddeserved attention. If he continues to swing the bat the way he has in past playoff appearances, he will be heading to the Hall of Fame in the near future.

His statistics speak for themselves. Much like Derek Jeter, Utley is the Phillies team captain.  There are many undervalued Chase Utley rookie cards that are worth buying. Many of these cards are still very affordable and can make investors very happy. Here are some of the best Chase Utley rookie cards that are worth buying. Some of these baseball cards that we have listed are his most expensive cards to date.

Top 3 Chase Utley Rookie Cards

2001 Bowman Chase Utley Rookie Card

These are some of the most popular Chase Utley rookie cards. These cards are very hard to find in good condition because of the black borders that exist. Excessive chipping makes these cards almost impossible to find Gem MT condition.

You can find these cards being sold online for around $25. Before you make a purchase make sure that you pay close attention to the condition of the card. These Chase Utley baseball cards are some of the best investments that you can buy.

2002 Bowman Chase Utley RC Card Autograph

These rookie cards were produced in 2002 while the other Bowman cards were produced in 2001. Many collectors feel that these are still great rookie cards. These autographed Chase Utley cards sell for around $150. If you happen to find one in mint or better condition expect to pay well over $200. These cards are not easy to find and are even harder to find in good condition.

2001 Bowman Heritage Chase Utley RC

The Bowman heritage rookie card is one of the nicest Chase Utley baseball cards ever produced. Its simplistic style shows Utley throwing the baseball. The black and white image gives the card an antique look. These outstanding Chase Utley rookie cards are not very expensive. You can find these cards on eBay selling for around $20.

Autographed Chase Utley Baseball Cards

Chase Utley autographed cards are also popular collectibles.  The Phillies captain has various autographed cards that sell for over $50.  You can find many of these signed baseball cards on Ebay.  Individually numbered Chase Utley autographed cards sell for top dollar as they are limited and much harder to find.

The Philadelphia Phillies know how much they need Chase Utley in their lineup if they are going to contend for another World Series championship. His rookie cards are starting to become as popular as other Phillies greats. If he continues to excel his rookie cards will sell for the same prices that Ryan Howard rookie cards are currently selling for. Chase Utley rookie cards are great investments and are also safe once.

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