Carmelo Anthony rookie cards are great investments. Their is a very good chance that Carmelo will sign with the New York Knicks this off season if he is not traded sooner.  Carmelo Anthony rookie cards are still very affordable in today’s market.  Once he plays for a larger market team like the Knicks you can expect his basketball cards to quickly climb the value charts.  Many compare Carmelo to Lebron James and Michael Jordan.  Carmelo Anthony rookie cardSo what are the most expensive Carmelo Anthony rookies that are worth buying?  Here is a list of the best Carmelo Anthony cards that are great investments at their current prices.

Tops 3 Carmelo Anthony Rookie Cards

2003 Upper Deck Exquisite Carmelo Anthony Rookie Cards 

These are some of the rarest Carmelo basketball cards that have ever been produced.  All of these rookie cards have been individually numbered and hand signed by Anthony.  These are some of the best Carmelo Anthony rookie cards to buy for long term investments purposes.  You can expect to pay around $1500 for one of these cards.

2003 Upper Deck Carmel Anthony Rookie Exclusive 

These Anthony rookie cards are very affordable.  You can find these cards online for around $5 ungraded.  These cards are not easy to find with sharp corners as they were printed on an orange background.  These cards are very inexpensive.  Autographed Carmelo Anthony rookie cards were also produced by Upper Deck and sell for around $650 in Gem MT 10 condition.

2003 SP Authentic Carmelo Anthony Rookie Card

The SP Limited rookie cards are some of the hardest Carmelo Anthony rookie cards to get your hands on.  Only 50 of these rare Gems were produced.  If you can afford one you are going to have to shell out around $700 to take one home.  Most of these basketball cards are in good condition so just pay attention to the corners before you invest your hard earned money.  These cards are Carmelo Anthony cards are worth their weight in gold.

Carmelo Anthony rookies do not sell for as much money as Lebron James rookie cards or even Kevin Durant rookie cards.  This is because of the small market that he plays in.  This will change in the near future and Carmelo Anthony rookie cards will finally rise up the charts on collectors hot lists.