If you are looking for cards to invest in than you will want to start buying Carlos Gonzalez rookie cards.  The Rockies young OF just signed a multi-year contract making him one of the most wealthy players in baseball. Much like Troy Tulowitzki rookie cards we expect Carlos Gonzalez rookie cards to get the attention of not just Rockies fans but all baseball card collectors.  He is one of the best 5 tool players in the game and his stats will dramatically affect the price of his baseball cards.  Many people compare Carlos to the Angels Mike Trout.  Some of the best Carlos Gonzalez rookie cards are listed below.  The cards listed range from his most expensive Carlos Gonzalez rookie card Chromebaseball cards to those that might make the best investments.  We have also included things to watch out for when it comes to condition factors before you make any purchase.

Top 3 Carlos Gonzalez Rookie Cards

2005 Bowman Chrome Carlos Gonzalez Rookie Card

These are great investments for anyone looking for a quality baseball card.  There are many different variations that were created of Gonzalez in the 2005 Bowman Chrome see.  Some of the variations include Refractors, Colored variations, Xfractors, Numbered cards, and autograph cards.  The autographed Carlos Gonzalez rookie cards are worth the most.  You can buy a signed Bowman Chrome rookie card of Gonzalez for around $100.  Pay close attention to the centering of these cards as many were printed off-center by Topps.  Even those these cards are some of the mist expensive Carlos Gonzalez rookie cards they also have the most potential.

2005 Topps Chrome Update Carlos Gonzalez Rookie Cards

These are some great Carlos Gonzalez baseball cards that were picking up.  The 2005 Topps Chrome Update set was not a mass production set which makes the cards even scarcer than the Bowman Chrome rookies.  Topps included refractors and autograph cards of Gonzalez in this set as well.  The base cards are definitely worth picking up.  The value of these cards is currently hovering around $5-$7 which makes them very affordable.

2005 Just Minors Autographed Carlos Gonzalez Rookie Cards

Just Minors featured Carlos Gonzalez in most of their 2005 sets.  The autographed cards produced by Just Minors are some of the most popular.  There are many different individually numbered versions that were produced.  Some of the fold versions are numbered to only 100 cards in production.  You can purchase these cards for around $65 online.  Pay close attention to the corners of these cards as they are condition sensitive.  If you are going to spend your money make sure you find one in premium condition.

Popular Carlos Gonzalez Baseball Card Autographs

2006 Just Minors Autograph

This quality card has different variations.  The silver variation is numbered to only 100.  These Carlos Gonzalez baseball cards are a steal, selling for only $20.00  An incredible card at an awesome price.  How can you go wrong?

We can expect Carlos Gonzalez to have a great season.  If he puts up the numbers he did last year his cards could potentially double in value.  The Rockies will have him batting in the middle of their lineup to maximize the stats that he can put up.   Expect big number from Gonzalez this year.

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