Baseball card grading has become an essential part of the sports card industry. If you’re baseball cards have not been graded then you’ll never be able to realize the value that they might be worth. Having your baseball cards graded by GMA grading is very easy and very affordable. To have your baseball card professionally graded by GMA grading all you have to do is fill out the submission form and send your sports cards in for grading. Your cards will be shipped back within five business days from the day GMA grading receives your baseball cards or football cards. Grading baseball cards has never been easier and more affordable than it is today. If you do not know how to tell the condition of your baseball cards then you will have to consider having been graded by a professional sports card grading company. We will discuss how a baseball card is graded and what most grading card companies don’t tell you before you submit your cards for grading.

Baseball Card Grading Process

When a baseball card or other sports card is submitted for grading it is put through a step-by-step process to evaluate the condition the card is in.some of the main factors that are looked upon to determine the grade of an individual card are the cards corners, the surface of the baseball card, the centering of the photo from left to right and top to bottom, and if you other factors to make sure the baseball card gets the grade that it deserves.  Another vital part of grading baseball cards is to help determine the authenticity of the baseball card itself.  With counterfeiting becoming such a major issue in a sports card memorabilia industry baseball card grading has become an essential factor in determining if a card is real or fake.  If you purchased a card secondhand and did not receive it from a pack of baseball cards then there is a possibility the card has been counterfeited.  There have been many cards that have been counterfeited over the past few years.  There are also many situations where cards have been sold in flea markets as authentic old vintage cards and in turn were just reprints which have been altered to look old.  Some crooked card dealers have prayed on card collectors hoping to succor them in to purchase a card by baiting them into believing that they are buying old vintage baseball cards at a ridiculously low price.  Baseball card grading companies are here to protect the consumer from being taken advantage of and to help preserve the sports cards that are being graded by giving fair and accurate grades and authentication.

Once a great has been determined of an individual baseball card is then placed in a holder which protects the card from being damaged.  After the baseball card has been placed securely in the holder a label is created to show what the grade the individual baseball card received and a proper description of what the card is.  Some of the main factors that are usually on a label is be card manufacturer, the name of the player, the card number, and in some cases if the card is a rookie card or an insert card.

After the card has been properly labeled and placed in holder a cover is placed on top of the bottom casing and then welded shut.  When the card is welded it does not affect the baseball card that is placed inside it only affects the plastic on the outside rim of the holder.  This seals the holder shut so it cannot be opened unless it is broken and the case has been destroyed.  This process helps to validate that a card cannot be switched how or label changed for a given card and each holder is tamper proof.

Grading baseball cards is extremely important if you intend on protecting your sports cards and if you have any intention of selling them in the future.  It is a fact that having a baseball card graded is a third-party opinion which in turn makes the selling of any individual baseball card a lot more easier and will maximize your return.  Graded baseball cards have become the cornerstone of baseball card collecting and will continue to grow in popularity in the years to come.  Sports cards that have been graded and have received high grades sometimes bring five to 10 times more of what they would sell for if they were ungraded.

There are a few baseball card grading companies that do exist but we believe that GMA grading is by far the most affordable grading card company in the United States and also the most efficient grading card company in the US.  GMA guarantees a five business day turnaround time at a price of only two dollars per card.  Competitors charge roughly 5 times the amount paid GMA charges and take 30 to 45 business days to have the car graded.  GMA grading has perfected the baseball card grading process and will continue to give the best customer support in the industry.  If you have any questions about having your baseball cards graded or other sports cards please feel free to contact us at any time.  We are here to serve our customers and answer any questions that may might have.  GMA grading is here to make the baseball card grading process as easy and professional as it can be.

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