Baseball card grading has been proven to raise the value of a baseball card or football card collection. When a Baseball card is graded it is given a condition value which in return is translated into a monetary value. Each grade that a card receives carries with it a certain dollar value and makes the card much easier to sell. There have been tests to prove that if you had a card, lets say a 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. it would sell much faster graded than ungraded. This test was conducted at the National Convention last years were a Ken Griffey Jr. was professionally graded, but not put in a holder for the purpose of this test. The card sat in the display case at a known dealers table for the first three days with a $40 price tag. He explained that nobody asked about the card and the only question that was asked was if he add any graded 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. Rookies. On day three of the test card was graded and encapsulated in a Mint 9 grade. The card was then placed in the same place in the display case. After 2 hours the card sold. Here is the kicker though, the card sold for $55.00. Many would argue that you just found the right buyer, or to get the card graded cost more money so the card should bring more money. Well, there is some truth to those arguments, but the truth is Baseball Card Grading works. The same test was conducted with 5 other cards, and all had the same results. All were sold much faster and for more money. We can conclude that it works.

Baseball Card Grading and Ebay

If you look at the completed auctions on ebay you will see similar results. Cards on ebay that have been graded an equivalent grade sell for more money and sell faster than an ungraded card that would bring the same grade. The time it takes a card to sell is another very important factor especially on ebay auctions. Ebay charges you every time you list a card. They don’t care if the card sells or not you still pay the auction fees. You can spend a few dollars in auction fees just hoping the card sells so in this case as well time is money.

Alan Karpuch

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