Baseball card collecting can be a fun hobby as well as a very profitable.  If you decide that you’re going to collect baseball cards or football cards you will need some things to keep your cards safe from being damaged.  We will list some of the material that you will need to purchase to have the best opportunity to keep your cards in a proper condition without damaging them.  In the past certain items were sold to help protect cards but instead damaged them indirectly.  We will tell you what you need to stay away from and what holders you should not use to protect their cards to avoid having problems in the future.  When collecting baseball cards you should always want to spend the money on making sure that they are preserved properly to protect your investments.  When done right baseball card collecting can be a form of profit building for your personal life and your investment portfolio.

Card Collecting Supplies

Baseball Card Collectors need to use card savers more than any other holder. Card savers are used to hold baseball cards and are a little different than the normal top loader or baseball card sheet.  We recommend card savers because they do not press down the card and they hold the card from one to slide out of the top of the holder.  the only thing that we recommend is that before you put a card in a card saver you first place the card in a penny sleeve which will be discussed next.  Top loaders are also good to protect her cards with as long as you’re careful to make sure that the car doesn’t fall out of the top.  If you decide to use top loaders we also recommend that you put the baseball card in a penny sleeve first.

Penny Sleeves

One of the most important materials when baseball card collecting is the penny sleeve.  The penny sleeve is a thin piece of plastic which you can slide any regular sized baseball card or sportscards into.  This will not protect the card from being damaged but it will protect the surface of a card from surface scratches.  Another great benefit to using penny sleeves before putting them inside card savers or top loaders is it will protect the card from sticking to the case.  This is extremely important because if the holder gets hot but card especially the glossy ones will begin to stick to your card saver or top loader.  These sleeves are extremely cheap and should be used properly to protect your cards.  It is essential for any baseball card collector.

Screw Downs

Screw Downs have been immensely popular with baseball card collectors to protect their most valuable baseball cards and other sports cards.  There is that many people don’t know about until they actually try to take the card out of the holder. Due to the card sitting in the middle of the holder and four screws are placed on each corner of the holder over time the screws begin to put pressure on the corners of the cards that they are trying to protect.  There have been many instances when the cards were damaged while trying to get them now of the store down.  Companies that produce screw downs have realized this and have begun creating recessed screw downs which are a lot more efficient.  make sure that if you decide to put your valuable card is pronounced that you buy a recessed holder instead of a flat holder.

Getting Your Sports Cards Graded

Having your baseball cards graded by GMA grading can also help you protect your baseball cards.  The holders are made of polystyrene plastic and are recessed to keep pressure off the corners of the cards.  This in turn protects your cards from being damaged as well as increasing their value by having the grade labeled on top of the actual baseball card.  Having your baseball card professionally graded by GMA grading costs almost the same as a screw down those.  The big difference is your card will be worth a lot more money

Baseball card collecting materials are one of the most and important investments you can make.  Make sure that you use the proper holder for the proper cards that you decide to protect.  Many times card collectors do their best to beautify a card in a particular holder instead of picking the right holder that will do the job properly.

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