If you own an Albert Pujols Rookie Card you own a baseball card that will bring you back a nice return on your investment. Albert Pujols is arguably the best player in baseball. His Rookie cards are continuing to rise and are becoming very hard to find. We will include a list of some of Albert Pujols’s best rookie cards and which ones you should consider picking up.

2001 Topps Finest Albert Pujols Rookie Card

This autographed rookie card of pujols is a great collectors item.  This Pujols baseball card is very rare and is signed by Albert himself which makes it a great buy.  You get a rookie card of a soon to be Hall of Famer and an autograph as well.  A Must buy for any Pujols fan.

2001 Bowman Chrome Albert Pujols Rookie 

This Pujols rookie card is also autographed and each Albert Pujols baseball card is individually numbered to 500 and signed.  This is one of Pujols’s rarest cards and is a great collectors items.  The 2001 Bowman Chrome Pujols Rookie card might vary well be his best rookie card. If you can find a Gem Mint 10 version of this rare card you might be holding on too a gold mine in a few years.

2001 SPX Autographed Rookie Card

This Albert Pujols Rookie card is very hard to find in good condition.  This card had many problems with chipping in the production process.  This is also one of Albert’s best rookie cards and is also autographed by Pujols.  If you can find one in great condition and you are willing to shell out the money to buy this baseball card you are sure to recieve a great return on your money.

2001 Leaf Rookies & Stars Rookie

This amazing rookie card is individually numbered to only 50 cards.  That is correct only 50 cards ever created!  This is an amazing card and a great collectible if you find one.  This is the hardest to find Albert Pujols rookie card and has been signed by Pujols as well.  If you have the money to invest in this rare gem make sure you try your best to find the one in the best condition.

All of Albert Pujols rookie cards are great investments.  The only problem is they are very pricey.  Becuase many of these rookie cards have benn signed they will always cost you a pretty penny.  Albert Pujols has a chance of becoming one of the best and elite hitters in the history of baseball and you will be happy you stashed away a few graded rookie cards.

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