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Everyone wants to know which baseball rookie cards are hot and which cards are worth buying before they explode.  Here is a list of the hottest baseball rookie cards of today.  Our top 10 list is compiled from online data, customer submissions and auction sales.  The links below will take you to the players featured page which includes his best rookie cards, up-to date pricing information, card variations and condition tips.  We will be updating the list every month.

Current Hot Baseball Rookie Cards

Hot Baseball Cards list

  1. Kris Bryant
  2. Mike Trout
  3. Bryce Harper
  4. Clayton Kershaw
  5. Jose Altuve
  6. Chris Sale
  7. Carlos Correa
  8. Jacob DeGrom 
  9. Jake Arrieta
  10. Xander Bogaerts

Hall of Famers & Fan Favorites

Here are some links to some of the greatest baseball players of All-Time.  This list includes links to your favorite baseball players’ pages that show their best rookie cards, most valuable cards and autographed cards.  You can also find great information about how much these cards are worth and how scarce or common they may be.

You can also search for your favorite players that are not listed by team.  Click on the link to start your search.  If you are interested in a specific card and would like to know how much it may be worth please visit our free baseball card price guide.    You can also visit our football cards, basketball cards and hockeys cards pages to see which cards are hot in those sports.

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