Matt Ryan can definitely be a franchise quarterback for any team that takes him. If Matt Ryan is taken with one of the first 10 picks he might be asked to play sooner than later. Matt Ryan is built much like Dan Marino, with a good size and big frame. He is extremely smart and knows how to read defenses very well. He displays great mechanics and great poise. Matt is not a great runner but is amazing at buying himself time in the pocket to find his open receiver.

In Boston College Matt Ryan was used to run a pro-style offense which will also be a great attribute in making a transition to the NFL. With the NFL draft just around the corner Matt will be wondering which team will make him their first pick. My belief is the team that gets this great young Quarterback will be the Baltimore Ravens. With the Atlanta Falcons picking in front of the Ravens and the Chicago Bears in desperate need of a Quarterback the Ravens will have to consider trading up to get him. The real question is who will be willing to pull the trigger. The Ravens have been in need of a Quarterback for the past 7 years and if he is available they will not pass him up. With Willis Mcgahee and a strong defense Matt Ryan might be the final piece of the puzzle to put the Ravens back in the Playoff hunt. Another team that might take a shot at Matt Ryan is the Minnesota Vikings. They currently have Tavares Jackson at the helm but I do not believe they are so sure he is the leaders they are looking for. The Vikings proved last year that they will take the best available player in the Draft. They had a large contract with Chester Taylor and than drafted Adrian Peterson. With a running game already in place Matt Ryan might be in the best position to excel. The Vikings have invested in their offensive line in the last few years which will allow Matt the time to throw and utilize the play action passing game. The only problem the Vikings have is that they are picking behind Baltimore and will definitely need to trade up to get him. Even though I believe the Vikings will be making the right move to get him i do not think they will be able to make the move. They cannot afford to lose any draft picks to trade up to get him. If they are lucky and he falls in the draft to them they will not pass him up. Look what happened with Brady Quinn last year. By the way the Miami Dolphins screwed that one up! Wayne Huizenga made a good move in Getting Parcells in there to call the shots. No disrespect to Ted Ginn Jr. but Quinn was the better fit for the team. Especially with them having Chris Chambers on their team already until they decided to give him away as well.

Back to Matt Ryan. The only flaws that seemed to be in question about Matt was his Armed strength on the long ball. Some scouts believe it is fine but others believe with his frame and size he could be much better. He also lacked the accuracy in college that many NFL teams would like. He scored very well in the interviews at the combine and the buss around the teams is that he is a born leader. This is definitely a quality that is needed when drafting a quarterback.