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The Alex Rodriguez rookie card is one of the most coveted rookie cards in all of sports card collecting.  Its card to be a baseball card collector and not own at least one Alex Rodriguez rookie.  As baseball cards stand the test of time the Yankees sluggers cards are some of the most traded collectibles in all of sports.  Alex is on pace to possibly be the all-time record Alex Rodriguez Rookie Cardholder for home runs in a career.  His long term extension with the Yankees keeps him playing way past the point where he should be able to eclipse the home run mark.  Much like Derek Jeter rookie cards, Yankee fans cannot seem to get enough of Alex’s RC cards and other collectibles. So what are the best Alex Rodriguez rookie cards to collect?  Here is a detailed list, including what some of these rare rookie cards are worth.  The values of these cards are also discussed in detail, including what to watch out for when you make a purchase.

1994 SP Alex Rodriguez rookie cards

This is the holy grail of Alex Rodriguez baseball cards.  This is one of the most valuable cards that Alex currently he has.  This card’s value has risen dramatically over the past few years and is one of the hardest cards to find in good condition.  Many of the 1994 SP rookie cards come damaged straight out of the packs due to the foil card stocked they were produced on. These cards sell for about $350 in Mint condition and roughly $3500 in Gem MT condition.  This card is one of the greatest baseball cards produced in the modern era and one of the most coveted by Yankees fans and sports card collectors.

1994 SP Die-Cut Holoview  

This is one of the nicest looking Alex Rodriguez rookie cards and also one of the most scarce cards of the great slugger to have ever been produced.  This card was produced by Upper Deck and randomly inserted into packs of the SP set.  There are rumored to only be 250 of these cards to have ever been produced.  This card sells for over $4000 in Gem MT condition.

1994 Fleer Update Alex Rodriguez rookie card

This card was part of Fleer limited print update set.  These cards are very hard to fine centered due to the crappy print run.  This card is normally off center more than 50% of the time, which makes centered ones even more valuable.  These Alex Rodriguez rookie card values are sure to rise over the next few years and are currently selling for about $50 in Mint 9 condition.

1994 Upper Deck Arod Rookie

The Upper Deck rookie card is one of the most traded Arod rookie cards.  These cards are much more affordable than the other rookie cards that have been discussed and can be found selling on ebay for about $20-$25.  Due to the competitive card market these cards are sure to rise in value with the rest of the Alex Rodriguez rookie cards.

There are a few other rookie cards that Alex has but these are the most popular and highly traded by collectors. Almost all Alex Rodriguez rookie cards are worth their weight in gold and will continue to be in the forefront of most collectors want lists.  Much like Mark Teixeira rookie cards Alex Rodriguez baseball cards will continue to rise in value as long as the Yankees continue to play well.

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