To get to the World Series a team needs to have great overall pitching and defense.  The Washington Nationals have exactly that.  The pitching staff has been solid all year long leading the National League in Wins, ERA and the lowest opponent overall batting average in the league.  Players like Stephen Strasburg and Jordan Zimmerman have been dominating NL hitters all year long. The bullpen has been just as solid led by Tyler Clippard and  Sean Burnett.

The hitting has some room for improvements the Nationals rank in the middle of the NL in almost every category.  Players like Michael Morse and Ryan Zimmerman are finally getting healthy which should help propel the the Nationals hitting attack.  The added power and average that these two superstars bring can only help the Nationals young talented lineup and players like Bryce Harper and Ian Desmond.

[gma_social tweet=”The Nationals maybe on there way to the World Series in 2012- Infographic” quote=”To put this into perspective, if the Nationals can stay healthy they will be the team to beat in the National League” hash=”nationals”]


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