Derek Jeter joined the 3,000 hit club last season and renewed debate over the Yankee short-stop’s chances of catching all-time hit-leader Pete Rose. Jeter and Rose reached 3,000 hits at almost the exact same age (just a couple weeks past their 37th birthdays) but Rose’s record is still more than 1,000 hits away.

To put that into perspective, Jeter needs to average 170 hits (his average over the last two seasons) for another 6.8 seasons before he'd reach Rose's record!

If Jeter’s hit totals continue their three year decline, he’d likely need to crack the list of the top 10 oldest position players in order to have a shot at 4,256. But if there’s one thing the Kid from Kalamazoo has taught us over the years, its to never bet against him.

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