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Ted Williams baseball cards are some of the most popular cards in the hobby.  Williams will always be remembered as one of the game’s greatest hitters. The Red Sox Hall of Famer had an amazing major league baseball career.  His career batting average was .344 and he also hit 521 home runs and also had 1,839 run batted in.  Ted was also elected to 19 All-Star games and won the most valuable player award twice in his shortened career.  These are only a few reasons why people love collecting Ted Williams baseball cards.
There are more than a few Ted Williams baseball cards that are worth buying.  It is very hard to determine which card is his best because he has no many memorable cards.  Here is a breakdown of just a few of his most valuable and coveted sports cards.

Greatest Ted Williams Baseball Cards of All-Time

1939 Play Ball Ted Williams Rookie Card

The 1939 Play Ball Ted Williams rookie card is one of his most valuable cards. Due to the age of these cards most are almost impossible to find in even very good condition.  These valuable cards sell for thousands of dollars in NM or better condition.  Mint 9 versions of this card have sold for more than $15,000. This card is a great investment for those that can afford it.  Buyers should be careful to make sure the card is authentic before they make a purchase as many of these cards have been counterfeited over the years.

1951 Bowman

The 1951 Bowman Ted Williams card is another very unique and rare card.  These cards are much smaller than cards produced by card manufacturers today.  Buyers can also expect to pay thousands of dollars for NM or better versions of this great card.  In a recent auction a Mint 9 Bowman Williams sold for more than $8,500.  This is a great card and makes a wonderful long term investment.

1954 Topps Ted Williams 

The value of these Ted Williams baseball cards are sure to keep rising in the future. We say cards because Topps created two different versions of Ted Williams in the 1954 Topps set.  Card #1 in the set typically sells for more money because it is usually hard to find in good condition.  Because it was the first card in the set they tend to be harder to find in premium condition.  Collectors use to put rubber bands around cards and typically the first and last cards in the set took more of the pounding.

The second Ted Williams 1954 Topps card is number #250.  These cards are stunning and are also worth a lot of money.  A version of this card recently sold online for $3,500 in NM-MT 8 condition.  These baseball cards also make great investments if you can purchase them in the right condition.

1954 Topps Ted Williams card

Autographed Ted Williams Cards

Because Williams was such a popular player companies like Topps and Upper Deck signed him to contracts to sign cards for release in packs of cards.  These autographed Ted Williams baseball cards sell from $400- $1,000.  These cards are wonderful investments as many of them are individually numbered which make them even more enticing for collectors.

The Boston Red Sox slugger will always be remembered for his on the field play and many career achievements but many forget that Ted’s career was cut a little short because of WWII.  Williams help defend our country as a war fighter pilot which just shows what a hero he really was.  This is why Ted Williams baseball cards will stand the test of time and will continue to be great collectibles.

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