Alex Rodriguez baseball cards are about to get a nice boost in value with him approaching Barry Bond’s Home Run record.  With Arod signing a long term deal with the Yankees he will eclipse the mark wearing the Yankees uniform.  With the Yankees on Alex Rodriguez baseball cardsthe East Coast and being showed on Prime Time most of the year Alex Rodriguez baseball cards may skyrocket.  He was one of the only players close to the record in the past few years which was not implicated of doing steroids and past every drug test which he was given.  Here are a few cards of his that you might want to consider for investment.

Due to his immense success in the Major leagues and with the New York Yankees Alex’s best rookie cards have caught fire.  He has over 15 different rookie cards that a collector could purchase but here are the most popular rookie cards and also his most expensive cards to date.  These baseball cards are very rare due to the limited print run that Upper Deck produced in 1994.

1994 SP Alex Rodriguez Baseball Cards

This is one of his best cards and at one time peaked the $10,000 mark in Gem MT 10 condition.  Like the Derek Jeter 1993 Sp rookie, this card was made with a Foil paper and is very condition sensitive.  This is possibly Alex Rodriguez’s best card. A-Rod collectors have made this the most sought after card in the industry and even though it is not as rare as some of his other rookie cards it is  still the most traded.

1994 SP Die-Cut Holoview Alex Rodriguez Baseball Cards

This card is one of Arod’s rares cards and only 450 were supposedly produced.  This card might end up being Alex’s best rookie card in the years to come.  With such a low production run dont expect these cards to get anymore affordable.  Even though they are very expensive the supply is not getting larger and his fan base is.