The 1994 SP Alex Rodriguez rookie card is a great rookie card to invest in. Alex Rodriguez rookie cards have become some of the most popular baseball cards in the hobby and great investments. If you are looking for a quality rookie card with great investment potential you are going to want to add this card to the top of your list.  Almost all SP Alex Rodriguez rookie cards are great investments but the SP card is one of his best and most expensive cards.  This baseball card is one of the most valuable cards produced in the 1990’s.  Many people believe that Alex can eclipse the Home run record held by Barry Bonds. If this happens you can expect the SP Alex Rodriguez rookie card to increase in value dramatically.

1994 SP Alex Rodriguez Rookie Card Details:

Player Name: Alex Rodriguez

Brand: SP

Card #: 15

Year: 1994

Category: Baseball

Tips: One of the key factors when purchasing and SP Alex Rodriguez rookie card is the condition the card is in.  These cards are normally not in good condition because the lack of quality of the paper stock they were produced with.  This foil card chips very easily and normally comes out of the packs with more than just one bad corner.  This is one of the reasons the card is so valuable.

Variations: This Alex Rodriguez baseball card was produced with a few variations.  These variations include the 1994 SP die-Cut rookie card which is harder to find and just as difficult to get in good condition.  The other variation was randomly inserted into packs of SP and is a Holoview card.  The Holoview comes in two colors or variations as well, Blue and Red.  These cards do not look at all like the foil version of the card.


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