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The 1991 Upper Deck Favre rookie card is a fan favorite with Favre collectors as well as football card enthusiasts. The The Upper Deck  Star Rookie card has Favre in his college uniform and is very inexpensive.  You can find these Brett Favre rookie cards at very affordable prices on Ebay as well as other online auction sites.  These cards are great investments because they are so affordable.  It is normally very hard to find a rookie card of any Hall of Fame quarterback for $5.00.  The Brett Favre rookie card is also a great investment for the future as Brett Favre will be a first ballot Hall of Famer. History has shown that once a player makes the Hall of Fame all of his rookie cards go up in value even the one’s that are a little more common than others. Like many other Favre  football cards, expect to see this card get a lot of attention.

1991 Upper Deck Card Details:

Player Name: Brett Favre

Brand: Upper Deck

Card #: 65

Year: 1991

Category: Football

Tips: The Upper Deck Brett Favre rookie card is one of the iconic cards that Upper Deck has ever produced in their flagship football set.  The key to buying these cards is the centering as many were mis-cut in production.  Make sure that before you make a purchase you check the centering from left to right as well as top to bottom.  The White corners can hide nicked corners so make sure that you get a detailed scan of the card before buying.

Variations: Their are no variations to this card but Upper Deck included a Brett Favre rookie card in a second series production which is sometimes confused with this one. The way to tell the difference is the first series football card says Star Rookie while the second series card says Rookie Force.  Also the pictures are much different.


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