Baseball Cards Worth a lot of money will always be sought out by collectors and will always be traded more frequently than lesser value cards. If there are baseball cards worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars which ones will stand the test of time or will be the new up-and-coming collectors during. We will talk about 10 baseball cards that we believe will stand the test of time and you might want to consider purchasing before they are worth more than you can afford. To determine which baseball cards will be worth the most money we took into consideration the player’s popularity and the scarcity as well as the condition sensitivity at each individual card.

Derek Jeter 1993 SP Rookie Card

Almost all Derek Jeter Rookie Baseball cards are worth buying.  The Yankee great has more rings that he has fingers. The 1993 Sp Rookie Card is one of the most sought-after baseball cards in the past 10 years.  The card is extremely rare and hard to find in good condition.  Condition is one of the most important factors when talking about this infamous baseball card.  If you are going to buy one and the one away make sure that you find one that is in at least mint condition.  Many people do not know this but very cute or has a chance of Pete Rose and his all time hits record.  Jeter has averaged almost 200 hits every single year he is played.  It’s very cute can stay healthy is baseball cards will continue to be sought after by collectors and baseball cards worth the most money will be his rookie cards.

Alex Rodriguez 1994 SP Rookie Card

This rare Alex Rodriguez rookie card is extremely hard to find in good condition due to its condition sensitivity.  The baseball card will stand the test of time due to the fact that Alex Rodriguez may possibly eclipse the home run record held by Hank Aaron. The Yankee great is one of the best players ever to play the game and whether you love him or hate him his statistics speak for themselves. The 1994 SP Alex Rodriguez Rookie Card will stand the test of time and will be one of the baseball cards worth a fortune in the near future.

Ryan Howard 2001 Upper Deck Rookie Card

Ryan Howard has the potential to be one of the elite home run hitters in the fall history.  I understand it’s early in his career but Howard has the power to slug 50 home runs every year if he can stay healthy.  Health is always the main concern when determining if a baseball card or rookie card can hold its value and be worth its weight in gold in the future. The 2001 Upper Deck Howard is the Baseball card worth the most money in his short lived career. you can purchase a Ryan Howard rookie card for $30-$40 which will be dramatically worth a lot more than that in the near future if he can keep the pace that he is on.

Evan Longoria 2006 Bowman Chrome Rookie Card

Evan Longoria will have many baseball cards worth a lot of money in the future if he continues to play the way he is.  The great Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt gave Longoria the compliment of being the best fielding third baseman he has ever seen.  Longoria carried the Rays last year to there first World Series and will be sure fired contenders this year as well.  I believe that the 2006 Bowman Chrome Evan Longoria rookie card will be the baseball card worth the most money in the future.

Chase Utley 2001 Bowman Rookie Card

Amazing baseball players are the ones that are far superior to the other players in the position that they play.  Chase Utley has been the best hitting second baseman over the past five years.  He played strong defense and seems that he is only getting better as the years go on.  Utley has a chance of being the best hitting second baseman of all time if he continues on the pace that he is.  His 2001 Bowman rookie card is Utley’s baseball card worth the most money.  This card has a black border which makes it difficult to find in good condition.

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