If you are looking to start buying Adrian Peterson rookie cards or trying to find out what Adrian Peterson rookie cards are worth you are going to want to consider which cards are best to buy and why. Adrian Peterson has become one of the newest Hall of Fame candidates to pop up in the NFL. He has only played in the league for two years and yes it is early for Hall of Fame talk but you have too consider how much better he is than the rest of the league in that position. Adrian  still has not reached his prime and does not have a quarterback that can take some of the load off of him. Here are some of Adrian Peterson’s best football cards as well as best rookie cards that you might want to consider. Please review each and you will get a really good idea of were to buy these cards and what these Adrian Peterson cards are worth.

Adrian Peterson Bowman Chrome Autograph Rookie Card

This card had a very low print run compared to some of the other Adrian Peterson rookies. The card is hand signed by Adrian and is individually numbered. We all know that now a days it comes down to print run. With some cards being mass produced the lower the better. The Blue Refractor autograph currently sells for $500 with a print run of only 75 cards in production. The regular issued autograph refractor sells for $200.

Adrian Peterson Topps Rookie Card

This Adrian Peterson card is worth less the the Bowman Chrome Autograph but is very affordable for the person who does not want to break the bank.  The graded versions of the Topps card sell for much more than the ungraded versions.  Due to the black border this card is not easy to find in good condition.

Adrian Peterson Topps Chrome RC Refractor

This is one of Adrian Peterson’s harder cards to find especially in good condition.   The Refractor is individually numbered and  is hard to find well centered.  Centering is a key factor when having a card graded by GMA Grading.  Some of these cards have sold for about $10 in recent online auctions.

This hopefully gives you a nice range of what these Adrian Peterson rookies are worth.  Please review our other posts for other key players and how to find out what they are worth.

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