Dwayne Wade rookie cards have been some of the most popular basketball cards in the industry.  With the addition of Lebron James an Chris Bosh expect Dwyane Wade rookie cards to get even more attention than they received previously.  Their is no doubt that Wade is one of the top 5 NBA players in the league.  He is a dynamic scoring machine as Dwyane Wade Rookie Cardwell as a team leader.  He will have to lead the Miami Heat to their second NBA title for collectors to make a nice return on their investments.  Here is a detailed list of the best Dwyane Wade rookie cards and their current values.

2003 Upper Deck Exquisite Autograph Dwyane Wade Rookie Card

These amazing rookie cards are all individually numbered to only 99!  These cards come with a unique piece of a game used jersey worn by Wade as well as and Autograph by the young NBA superstar.  These rookies are currently selling for about $2500 -$3000.  These are some of the most expensive Dwayne Wade rookie cards ever made.

2003 Upper Deck SPX Dwyane Wade Rookie Card

Much like the Exquisite rookie cards all of these basketball cards have been personally hand signed by Wade and include a unique piece of a game used jersey.  These cards are very condition sensitive which makes find Mint or better cards very hard to find.  Currently you can find these Wade RC’s on Eaby for about $1000-$1200.

2003 Topps Chrome Dwyane Wade Rookie Card

These Wade cards are much more affordable for fans and collectors to purchase.  You can find these cards online for about $20-$25.  They are great investments and other than centering issues are normally in great condition.  If Wade can excel with his new tandem.

Their are more than 50 different Dwyane Wade rookie cards that exist.  They are all great investments as long as you can pick them up at the right price.  Much like Lebron James rookie card and Chris Bosh rookie cards, the value of Wade basketball cards will depend on the teams success.  If we go back in time we we can see the great Lakers teams with Magic, Jabbar and Worthy or Bulls teams With Jordan, Pippen and Grant.  The new Dream Team will have their obstacles they will have to overcome but be sure that Dwyane Wade will live up to his expectations.  Investing in Dwyane Wade rookie cards is a great idea.

Quick TIP! When seacrhing on ebay try to types of spelling as many people write his name wrong.  Dwayne Wade and Dwyane Wade rookie card.